Relative/Infinite Encoder with Two Note Output


Been researching/searching around on this forum and while I've found project files/ideas/tutorials that are close, I still haven't been able to come to a final product that meets the needs I'm trying to perform.


I'm wanting to translate an absolute encoder on an APC40 MK1 to a relative/infinite encoder that spits out two separate outputs. One "Note On" at 127 output when the encoder is turned CCW and another/different "Note On" at 127 output when the encoder is turned CW.


I've seen this done with rules and have many project files to reference with such rules and timers, but where I run into an issue is when the encoder on the APC40 gets to 0 or 127, the translation/MIDI output stops. I would like the translator to keep outputting the Note On values whether CCW or CW when the encoder on the controller reaches 0 or 127 respectively and is still being turned.


I have a feeling this is a simple solution (or at least hoping that it is), but I unfortunately am unable to come to that solution on my own.


Appreciate any insight/direction given!


Thank you,

Wes Williams

Hi Wes,

On the APC40 MKII when you keep turning an encoder right after hitting the end, it will continue to send 127. When you continue turning to the left after the end, it continues to send 0. If this is the same with the MKI then this could be easily accomplished. If it stops sending values, then we will have to pick another strategy.

Strategy 1 is to not send anything when the encoder is at mid point, to send one note at a certain rate when to the right of center and another note at the a certain rate when left of center. To stop sending notes, you just center the encoder (usually giving it a bit of range so that you don’t have to be exact.

Strategy 2 is to set up a button you can push to recenter the knob if it happens to reach the end. Say you hit hard stop right and you want to go more right. You push the button while turning the knob toward the left, thereby disabling output, until you get to center, then release the button and keep turning the knob right.

Pick the way you want to work it and I will show you. Again, if it continues to send 127 or 0 at the ends, then the other 2 strategies are not necessary.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Hi Steve!

The APC40 Mk1 DOES continue to send 127 or 0 at the ends. Which is why I figured/was hoping it was a simple solution, and from the sounds of it, it is!

Wes Williams

Hi, this should work for you.

You could do it with only one translator per knob too but I modified my keystroke one that requires 2 translators per knob since the original put out different keystrokes and each keystroke requires its own translator.

I’ll leave it to you to modify the rules if you would like to only use 1 translator per knob.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



That is perfect! Thanks so much for your time and help Steve!

My pleasure, Wes!