Relative Knob and Reset to Center Actions - Arturia BeatStep

Hey everyone.

I'm trying to find a way of having a relative knob to change the clip color inside Premiere Pro using the Arturia BeatStep. Would be 13 different colors. The centered position is one color, six other when turning left continuously and another six when turning the knob right. When the knob hits the last color left or right, it stops. And when hitting a pad button on the MIDI, it would go to the center of the knob (resetting), the first position, changing the color as well.

Hi, if you can tell me what keystrokes Premier Pro needs for selection of your 13 colors, then I can likely help. Also, the Arturia Beatstep had 3 relative encoder types. Type 1 send 3F/41 Type 2 send 7F/01 and type 3 sends 11/0F. (all in hexidecimal).


Which relative encoder type are you using?


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Hey Steve.
My BeatStep knob is sending type 1 ( 3F/41 ) commands.
Knob 13 would use the following shortcuts from left to right.

Ctrl+Alt+` (Grey)
Ctrl+Alt+1 (Caribbean)
Ctrl+Alt+2 (Cerulean)
Ctrl+Alt+3 (Lime)
Ctrl+Alt+4 (Forest)
Ctrl+Alt+5 (Blue)
Ctrl+Alt+6 (Iris) ------- initial knob position
Ctrl+Alt+7 (Violet)
Ctrl+Alt+8 (Rose)
Ctrl+Alt+9 (Red)
Ctrl+Alt+0 (Mango)
Ctrl+Alt+- (Tan)
Ctrl+Alt+= (Yellow)

It would be nice to have small increments between colors, like 2 or 4 hard knob stops.
The pad 5 would reset everything, sending the knob to Ctrl+Alt+6 (Iris) position.
Thanks so much!


See the attached. 

On Project start I trigger a timer (Init) that sets the global variables and sends the initial color for Iris.

In the "Initialize Global Variables" we set the resolution (number clicks between change = gb,

the initial value to send = ga.  The number of colors =12 and the max color number (which is used to calculate the current color.

When you twist the knob right, ga is incremented by 1. When you twist the knob left ga is decremented by 1. The timer only fires on the resolution calculated by pp=ga%gb

Then the output fires a one shot timer "Dispatch"

There are 13 translators with incoming timer trigger "Dispatch". The rules evalute the value of ga and only fire if it is their color. The outgoing action for each translator is the respective keystroke for the color you want.

I actually programmed all 3 relative knob types but left the unused types disabled.

You may need to set the incoming CC numbers, Note Numbers and channel numbers to the way you have your Beatstep set up.


Hopefully this helps you.


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Thanks for the fast reply, Steve. Changed the MIDI commands and the actions to the right are working like a charm. But to the left, Bome is showing in the log window the following:
condition satisfied: if pp!=12 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
OUT 2.5: Keystroke: Ctrl(Alt(5 ))
OUT 2.6: Keystroke: Ctrl(Alt(6 ))
What I did was only change the knob input to \"B0 11 qq\". Is it right? Or am I missing something? The reset button is working fine.
Seems it\'s changing and then going back to \"Iris\".
Thanks one more time.

Yes B0 11 qq is actual Control Change “B” on MIDI channel 1 “0” CC 16 (11 hex) with value qq

Any idea why when turning left it sends a keystroke command and then go back to the centered knob value (iris), Steve?
Also when opening Bome this message appears:
Error while loading preset "Dispatch", Translator "Iris":
corrupt options: a/gbpp=pp%gcif(pp!=6)noexecutelabel0006__cmt>label0018__log>Color Iris pp=%pp%
Thanks again.

Probably because Bome MIDI Translator was focused when you were sending keystrokes and it overwrote the rules. Under settings make sure you have outgoing keystrokes suppressed set when MIDI Translator is focused. Probably best to go back to the original version I sent you and modify it again after that so it doesn’t happen again.

Hi, Steve.

The error window problem is solved. But still when turning the knob left, the value changes and right away goes back to "Control+Alt+6". Here is the link to the video showing the log window:
And, much less important, the knob increments when turning to the right work smooth... but when it hits the last action, "Control+Alt+=", it stops at its first increment. It means the last action only got 1 value on the knob. Is it a easy fix to change this last one to have the same amount of clicks as the other ones? So if I hit it and keep moving, I have to go back 3 or 4 knob clicks to trigger the second last?
Thank you so much.

Hi, by the video it looks like translator 2.6 rules got hosed up. Here is what they were originally.

if pp!=6 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action


So the translator should not be firing unless the adjusted incoming value of pp is 6.

In your log file, I never saw these rules executing so it is probably just always passing and sending out the keystroke.



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It’s working now. Thanks!

You are most welcome!