Relative mouse positioning to window option

in the past i found a solution on windows to achieve this… using a .AHK script, where you could call upon a windows_handle and offset the mouse position, and then convert the .AHK to an exe for BMTP to run… MacOS is a little trickier
needless to say… the idea of having relative mouse positioning to window would go down well for people who would re-arrange the positions of their VST’s or have windows in general never in a fixed position for a midi to keypress scenario.

Hi, your feature request is noted.

I also use AutoHotKey (on WIndows) to supplement what is needed for mouse positioning. My implementation is different, however. It captures mouse messages and converts them to MIDI messages sent to MT Pro to let MT Pro know the current mouse position.

It currently doesn’t implement wIndow relative positions, however. Like you, I have not had much success on a Mac, however Windows is my primary computer that I use so I haven’t really pursued a Mac solution.

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