Remapping incoming midi notes with Bome MIDI Translator Pro

I I have a question how to configure out Note remapping this way:
-when I play only C1 chould play just (Outgoing) C1
-on play and hold(note on) C1 and E1 schould play (Outgoing) C2
-C1 and D♯ schould play (Outgoing) C3
-C1 and D schould play (Outgoing) C4
-C1 and C♯ schould play (Outgoing) C5

This for 12 Chromatic tones C1-B1
and C2-B5.

Hi and welcome back.

The attached should get you close.

First of all we need to suppress C1 output until we know if we will have any modifiers that will make it a different note. So I put in a 250 ms timer to give the user time to hit the modifier.

When we press the other notes, we determine whether C1 is pressed and if not, send the normal note.
If C1 is not pressed, we calculate the note number we want and send that instead.

It took quite a while but should get you started. I didn’t do it for every note but you should be able to duplicate presets and then change for each of the other base notes.

Remap-2021-08-28.bmtp (3.0 KB)

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I have tryed but nothing happened, Outgoing midi note is the same as Incomming one.

I hit and hold C1 + play E1 and outgoing midi Note is E1, not C2…
C1 should be not suppressed, but when I play C1+E1, E1 should be remapped with C2…then will outgoing together C1 and C2, E1 should be Suppresed.
Also C1+D#1= C1 and C3 is going out and D# should be Supprrsed.

Yes, this answer is beyond the scope of what we offer for free support. It was meant to get you started as an example. If you need a full solution, feel free to reach out to me via PM or email.

I suppressed C1 because it was not clear to me in your original specification. Also some people call C1 as Note 24 and others as note 12 so I wen’t with the general convention bome Follows. There is no “standardized” convention of note naming in the MIDI specification, so it is better to stick with note numbers to be clear.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Yes with Note Numbers its better.
Ok thank you I will try if I not find a solution I will contact you over PM.


Yes, although it can be done, it is quite complex for my brain. The example I showed you took me 2 1/2 hours to create and I’ve been doing this stuff for years. Maybe I’m just getting old? :wink: