Renewed Vision ProPresenter 7 to Waves SuperRack Performer MIDI Conversion

Thanks to anyone who can assist, I am extremely new to MIDI and could use as Buch help as I can get.
I have a Church Lyric software call ProPresenter 7 on a Mac Studio and Waves SuperRack Performer on a Mac Mini.
I have established MIDI Output from the PP7 Mac Studio over the LAN to the Waves Mac Mini.
Waves doesn’t recognize the MIDI commands from PP7.
This is what I got back from Waves Tech Support.

Being so new to Midi in general and Bome, I would be willing to pay to get the correct solution implemented. Again, thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Yes, converting notes to Program Changes is quite simple with Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Please find the attached example. The single translator takes any note-on on MIDI channel one and converts it to a Program Change of the same number on MIDI Channel one. I’m using aliases in Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Ports for both receiving from Pro Presenter and sending to Waves. You will need to set up your applications to send and receive from these virtual ports. They will likely show up as ‘BMT 1’ on your system.

Here is how I have the aliases set up.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Since you are sending across your network, you might be using RTP-MIDI. A great alternative would be to use Bome Network Pro as the connection process between computers is generally much easier and usually automatic if you set up Bome Network to auto accept connections.

PP7-to-Waves-Note-to-PC.bmtp (993 Bytes)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Steve, thank you for all of this information.

Since I need the MIDI Conversation and I need to transmit it over a LAN, would it be best to go with the BomeBox?

With your translator software and network software being separate paid licenses it feels like the BomeBox would put it all in one package.
Would I need a network license at each of the two endpoints to pick up the output of the BomeBox?
Can my MAC that will be generating the MIDI via the ProPresenter Software connect to the BomeBox via USB or will I need a network license for it as well?

And lastly, would once I have received the hardware and software licenses if any, is there any way to hire you or someone with Bome to assist with remote setup/configuration to make sure everything is working as it should?

BomeBox does not include Bome MIDI Translator Pro but you can communicate between BomeBox and any computer with the free version of Bome Network. Bome Network Pro is only required if you are communicating between computers.

As I mentioned any BomeBox to computer or computer to BomeBox connections do not require a Bome Network Pro license. Simply download and use the free version. If you want to communicate between computers directly then you will need a single Bome Network Pro license for up to 5 computers on the same network.

You cannot connect BomeBox directly to a computer via USB as the USB ports on both computers and BomeBoxes are both hosts. USB to USB communication requires one end to be a host and the other end to be a device.

Yes I can help you as an independent (not Bome) consultant. Reach out to me via email for more information about paid consulting.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: