request: accept ANY channel SMALLER than X

Currently we can match channels as follows:

  • a specific channel from the list
  • a variable
  • any channel

I have A LOT of translators that operate on channels 1..4. For these I use ANY CHANNEL, and then this as my first rule:
"if qq>3 then exit rules, execute Outgoing Action"

Could we please extend the list to include "smaller than X" as a channel option?

PS: Similar request applies for notes/cc as well


You can use any operator on any incoming variable. For instance,  if qq is the channel, the below rules will  filter anything out between channels 3 and 10 with 0-2 and 11-16 still going through.

// MIDI Channel 3 (which is 2 numberin from from 0-15 and below, exit

if qq>2 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

// MIDI Channel 10 (9 and less)

if qq<10 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

// The default is to execute outgoing action so no more rules needed here.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Ah I see, you want to have that as an input option I assume so you don’t have to weed through rules (per your other request) which still records thin incoming action and rules.
Yes, I think this would be nice feature to put simple parameters in incoming triggers.
One that I would like to see is a trigger for Note-On or Note-Off instead of separate ones for Note-On and Note off. It would reduce the number of translators by 1/2 in many instances or stop the rules from executing for those that I filter myself with rules.
So just to let you know. I really get what you are looking for after thinking a bit more after seeing your initial request.
The key factor is to skinny down the log window for unimportant stuff and rely a little less on rules for simple evaluation of incoming triggers.

that is indeed my use case.
merged NoteON/OFF would be another great one indeed
PS: If any of my requests are unclear please always ask. I usually have good story behind it

Thanks for the feature request. Something more generic would be suitable:

(x) List of Channels: 2, 10, ga

I've added it to our feature request list.