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Is it possible to resend a MIDI Value every 10ms until the Value changes? I try to create a joystick Control for a Movinghead.

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If I understand correctly, you do not want to send a MIDI message when the value is changing, only if it has not changed. The attached should accomplish this. When we change the value, we kill the periodic timer ‘Send Value’, then set another one shot timer ‘Watchdog’ with a delay of 1 second. No MIDI messages are send during that delay but when the timer trips, the ‘Send Value’ timer starts again sending the message. We use the value of ga as the CC value to send and that get changed by the incoming message.

You can control how long you want the messages to stop when changing the value using the delay of translator 0.1. You can change the frequency of the value in the output of translator 0.0

Here is how I have my aliases set up.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

I also added an emergency stop translator to kill the period timer if you hit control-Up Arrow. Translator 0.4

Send-when-idle.bmtp (1.7 KB)

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