RME 12mic gain control from FaderfoxEC4 - CC to SysEx translation

Hi I’m quite new to Midi and Bome and would appreciate a some advice getting a cc message from FaderfoxEC4 to RME 12mic( sysEx). I’ve read a few similar threads but nothing quite answers my questions. I am only after basic gain control for 24 remote channels and feel like I’m quite close but would like some pointers to make sure I’m heading in the best direction.

At the moment my midi routing is
Faderfox EC4 to translator in
translator out to virtual port in
virutal port out to UFX+ Midi 3 (this is the Midi over Madi stream on optical connection)

For example the Faderfox message for chnl 1 incrementing 1db is BO 00 00, B0 00 01, B0 00 02.
For Chnl 2 it is B0 01 00, B0 01 01, B0 01 02 etc.
I have 24channels I want to control.

I have 2 x RME 12mics with 12 channels on each so 24 into total.
The variable parameters are - the 12mic ID ( one of two units)
The gain value of a particular channel.

The RME12mic reads like this for incrementing chnl 1 from 1 db to 3db.

F0 00 20 0D 5A 00 30 01 04 01 00 04 02…F7
F0 00 20 0D 5A 00 30 02 04 01 00 04 02…F7
F0 00 20 0D 5A 00 30 03 04 01 00 04 02…F7

If I have chnl 1 at 3db and start to increment chnl 2 the same way it reads like this
F0 00 20 0D 5A 00 30 03 04 01 01 04 02…F7
F0 00 20 0D 5A 00 30 03 04 01 02 04 02…F7
F0 00 20 0D 5A 00 30 03 04 01 03 04 02…F7

If I did the same on my second unit it would look like this: (unit 12 starts at channel 13 to 24 on the faderfox)
F0 00 20 0D 5A 01 30 03 04 01 01 04 02…F7
F0 00 20 0D 5A 01 30 03 04 01 02 04 02…F7
F0 00 20 0D 5A 01 30 03 04 01 03 04 02…F7

I’m sure there should be an elegant way of defining rules but I don’t know how elegant I can get!
Do I have to have a translation for each of my 24 CC channels? Or is it possible to increment this with a variable?
Obviously I want the gain change of a particular channel to follow that channel and not affect all the channels.

Finally getting way ahead of myself is it possible to get feedback from the 12mic unit so that when I turn the Faderfox on it takes it’s first value setting from the existing gain setting i.e. I have presets on my 12mic and I don’t want the faderfox setting all the gains to zero when I turn it on. For example when I turn my 12mic on channel one is set to 30 db gain and I want the faderfox to read that.

thanks very much in advance for any advice.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I’m pretty sure this can be done but I would need to know the full SysEX messages without the ‘…’. This could either be obtained from the user manual if it is documented or perhaps from the RME mic output gain control itself. You would need to capture it in Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro) by selecting your device as input, opening the log window in MT Pro and checking the ‘MIDI IN’ box.

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If you send it this raw MIDI message message, what does it send back in the log? Looking at the documentation, it looks like this is a dump request.

F0 00 20 0D 5A 00 10 F7

Then as you move the parameters, I assume it sends something back as well.

We could use the dump request to update the value of the faderfox when we start the Bome Project.

The other data could provide feedback if you change parameters on the RME.

Then we would need to have something on the faderfox to convert MIDI CC to RME SysEX.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks Steve for your quick reply.

Yes I think F0 0020 0D 5A 00 10 F7 is a request settings dump.

I got a few SysEx parameter pointers from RME here

I get a constant stream of messages from the RME. I’ve attached two text files.
One is from MT pro logging the 12mic in and out
Mt pro 12mic SysEx log.txt (48.7 KB)

The other one is from PocketMidi from when I was working out the variables for the mic gain changes for each channel.
20240115 12mic parameter log chnl gain changes.TXT (24.2 KB)

thanks again

I meant to also add this text file which is my brief summary of what I’ve worked out from RME12mic logs so far.
Rme12mic parameters.TXT (1.8 KB)

OK, lets start with a basic CC to RME 12Mic gain Control from FaderFox. I’m using CC0-CC11 on MIDI Channel 1 to send gain changes to the first RME 12Mic. Use the same CC number on MIDI Channel 1 to control the second one.

I have 2 translators currently in use.

The first one will read the incoming message from the controller. It will validate that the CC is 0-11 and that the MIDI channel is 0 or 1. It then scales the incoming value of 0-127 to an outgoing parameter of 0-75. Then it sends 3 parameter to a perform action (translator 0.1). The first parameter is the RME unit number, the second one is the input number and the third one is the input gain value.
Here are the rules for translator 0.0 with comments

// only 0-11
if pp>11 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// id in oo (incoming MIDI Channel)
// only 0 or 1 for unit number
if oo>1 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// scale it from 0 to 75 (range 76)

// parm1= unit number
// parm2= input number
// parm3= value

Translator 0.1 then constructs the SysEX message and sends it out. This is where I cannot test if it is correct because I don’t have and RME 12mic. I included comments for each part of the SysEx message (in outgoing raw MIDI).

// header
F0 00 20 0D 5A 00 20 
// parameter number input channel
// lsb gain
// msb 
//  valid 1=gain only
// EOX

If I did it right this should handle sending gain to both RME’s. Fingers crossed.

Please set up your aliases as appropriate. Here is how I set mine up.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

RME12-2024-01-16.bmtp (2.2 KB)

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi Steve thanks this feels like it is starting to come together.
I made a slight change to the header - for some reason MT pro logged the header as …5A 00 20 but my PocketMidi had it as …5A 00 30.

After //msb I changed the 01 to 04 (which I think means the mic channel No.

I can now change the gain on my first unit …0D 5A 00 but not on the second unit …0D 5A 01. I think I need to change my cc naming in the faderfox too as I skipped pots 13- 16 so unit 2 actually starts at pot 17.

I can see the gain changing on the RME remote control app however it doesn’t change the gain on the actual unit. RME won’t allow 2 midi devices to be operating at the same time. If it’s possible I need to inject the command straight into the UFX+ Midi Port 3. I will play with the routing as you mentioned.

Also I don’t understand how you managed to point the faderfox channel change to the correct channel on the 12mic but it seems to work even though the hex -string looks very truncated.

We may be on different time zones and I won’t be able to look at this again until tomorrow evening UK time. But thanks I will have a play with what you have done. If it is looking like it might be possible to get it fully working then I’m very happy to pay you for your time on this.

It was 5A 00 20 because the documentation said that is what it needs for receiving. 5A 00 30 is feedback from the RME. I was not sure on the second value (MSB) whether it should be 00 or 01.
The document says to use command 20 followed by 4 bytes which is

  1. the input number 0-0a
  2. then parameter value in db (LSB)
  3. the parameter value (MSB) which I’m unsure of
  4. a ‘valid’ byte which since all we are setting is the gain value I think should be 1

That followed by F7

MSB of 4 would be Bit 2 saying set +48v I think this needs to be 0. Valid may need to be zero as well but I’m not sure.

The way I set it up is for MIDI CH2 CC0-11 to select the second unit.

If you look at MIDI OUT then the full text should be there. I’m only changing 1 parameter which I think is allowed.

Yes, either PM or email me so we can set this up. I’m generally not allowed by Bome to do free support for something this complex. I’m in US Pacific time zone.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz