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Another thought.

The X-touch Compact has 3 ways to control the LED rings

1) Local (as you move the knob)

2) Remote 1 (same CC and channel from the host)

3) Remote 2 (same CC and but on the global channel from the host)

I suggest you use remote 2 mode for remote control. I don\'t think you can override local control so you will always need to ensure the host (or MT Pro) is sending remote feedback.

Also, I noticed that the Encoders have 3 relative modes in addition to absolute mode for Layer A and B.

Relative 1 - 01/7F - With increment

Relative 2 - 3f/41 - With increment

Relative 3 - 01/41 - (V-Pot Mode) with increment

By increment I mean for relative 1 you might get 01, 02, 03 for positive and 7F,7E,7D for negative movements.

I would recomment you

1) Put the encoders into relative 3 mode

2) Use remote feedback 2 method for updating the encoders.

The encoder display type can be changed by sending on the Global channel value 0-4 with the same encoder number.

0-Single, 1=Pan, 2=Fan,3=Spread,4=Trim

If you add 16 (decimal) to the encoder number you can change the display, again using the Global channel

0=Off, 1-13 How many LED\'s on (solid), 14-26, how many LED\'s on (blink), 27 all LED\'s on, 28 all LEDs blinking.

The global channel can be set with the Behringer X-touch editor. Then you can use MT Pro to translate from how RME sends back information to customize what type and value your LED rings will display.

This information was all in the X-Touch Compact Quick Start Guide, which I had to find outside of Behringer as apparently, they no longer have it published on their site.


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Wow, this is amazing, I wondered what the “global” channel might be capable of and had no idea. Where do you see the RX value for changing the encoder mode? I see the CC # and Values for “LED Ring Behavior Change” and “LED Ring Remote Control” but not the different relative encoder modes that you mention. I downloaded the whole quick start guide thinking it might have just been on a different page but didn’t find it. Thank you so much!!

Top 2 entries on the page snapshot. CC 127 to change to Layer or MC mode. PC to change between Layer A and B while in CC mode.


Hmm, the top 2 entries seem to change the whole control surface from CC layer A, B, and MC modes. Is this what you are refering to when you say “Relative 3 - 01/41 - (V-Pot Mode) with increment”?

Oh, I misunderstood. There is no documentation in the different relative modes of this controller. I found this by trial and error setting different modes in the X-touch editor and looking at the results. Behringer makes pretty good controllers, but their documentation is often lacking. I actually prefer the X-touch MINI since it has a much more friendly format. I have a program that allows me to put the V-POTs in Fader mode (kind of like Mackie FLIP).

I would much rather have 2-3 -Touch MINI's on my desktop than the big bulky X-touch Compact (not so compact). X-touch MINIs also do not require external power.




haha, very true–the “Compact” is taking up a lot of space on my table and power strip rn! I will consider the mini again. I am using my RME interface as a digital mixer for live mixing so the multiple motorized faders are a big draw. The motorized faders seem less likely to produce an unintended jump in volume on a digital mixer channel, but I don’t, maybe motorized faders aren’t even necessary for my needes? This is, as you can probably tell, my first foray into the world of MIDI controllers and I am very open to any suggestions as I am not yet dug into any one system/brand/approach.

I have to say that my experience with Bome thus far has been outstanding and I feel encouraged to check out the Bome Box next. I really can’t emphasis enough how valuable your help has been!

Yes motorized faders are nice but they come at a price. Most of my controllers, either the DAW handles "takeup" or I do it inside MT Pro. When done in MT Pro, you just keep the last value sent by the DAW in a global variable and you disable your actual fader until it crosses the last known value.

As I said, I like the Behringer X-Touch MINI for push encoders. For faders with lots of buttons I use the AkaiPro APC MINI. I have lots of other choices two but I tend to stick with a combination of these or if I need lots of encoders, I go with either the FaderFox EC4 or the DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter Twister.

Both the APC Mini and X-touch MINI are in the under $100 dollar range though.

I use the APC MINI to remotely control VoiceMeeter on my PC (I wrote a script that interfaces to the Voicemeeter GUI).

The FaderFox EC4 is my controller of choice for helping people that have stuff that I don't as it can be programmed to look like just about anything I want. It costs more though.



Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz