Rodecaster Pro/Duo Sending MIDI signals

I want to send MIDI controls to my Rodecaster DUO (which says allows bi-directional MIDI communication), so I can set a hotkey on my computer that signals my caster to turn on the megaphone effect.

It seems like it is more designed to work the other way, where you push the smartpad on the caster to control your computer but I want to do it the other way.

Currently I have this setup with my Roland VT3, but it I could figure this out it would make my whole setup easier and could remove it.

If anyone has ideas let me know.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

If you know what MIDI signal your VT3 sends to your Rodecaster DUO to signal the effect then it can be done.

The attached project file sends a MIDI message CC91 value 127 on MIDI CH 1 when you press the Control-NUM+.

I have created an alias called ‘My RodeCaster’ that I pointed to Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port 1 for testing (since I don’t have a RodeCaster). In you case you should adjust the alias to point to your actual RoadCaster.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Keystroke-to-MIDI.bmtp (874 Bytes)

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To clarify, my keyboard sends the signal to my VT3 to trigger the effect on that device.

I want to send the signal from my keyboard to the Rodcaster, so I can get rid of my VT3.

I downloaded the file though, and this is the process that I use for my VT3 to activate though! So glad I am on the right track.

If Rode lets me know what control values will affect the device I may be able to send the signal to it. However, unlock the VT3 I don’t see it showing up on the ‘Specific port’

I it could be the ‘MIDI function’ though, as when I unplug the device that port says unplugged. Not sure if there is a way to reverse find the code that would take hours going through every option. Hopefully they reply.


By keyboard, do you mean MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard. You would need to look at MIDI IN Ports to see the MIDI keyboard as it might not have a MIDI OUT.

If a MIDI keyboard, you should be able to monitor what your MIDI Keyboard sends to the VT-3 by selecting it for input and then viewing the log window of MT Pro. This might not help though as perhaps your RodeCaster is looking for a different MIDI message than your VT-3

If your RodeCaster is ‘MIDI function’ then you should be able to open the MIDI IN port called ‘MIDI function’ and then press the desired button on your RodeCaster to see what it sends using the MT Pro Log window. It is likely that it will respond to the same input message that it sends for the desired function.

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Sorry I just mean computer keyboard, that’s how I have been sending the commands to the VT3.

And I can open the port for MIDI function! So I sent it to incoming, and can capture the MIDI signal.

I set a button on my Rode to trigger a MIDI command (the green trigger17 button is what is displaying, so if i push this button it will send that MIDI message through)

and it worked. When I pushed the button, it appeared on the BOME software matching perfect

Now in effort to get the Rode to hear my command, I then switched it so incoming is my computer keyboard keystroke, and outgoing is that message I just heard from the Rode.

This doesn’t work though (with 127 or 0). I tried to change the button from ‘trigger17’ to the effect I’m trying to activate, but I don’t think that was the right signal. The only reason that popped up was because it was the trigger, not because its what activates that specific pad.

If I push any of the other smartpads and have the BOME software listen (while it is not a trigger), no MIDI message goes out. It only sends the message if its a trigger, and I can make it say whatever I want.

I think I need to know the proper signal for that specific pad. So I believe I just need RODE to tell me what the signals are, unless there is another way you can think of. Hopefully this all makes sense.

I found this referring to the faders on the RodcasterPRO version, although it says it is only compatible with certain software
RØDECaster Pro | Using MIDI Control | RØDE.

This leads me to believe that the only thing you can control remotely with MIDI is the faders. Perhaps if you also have Rode Connect. We can use and incoming key to control clicking the mouse at the correct place on your Rode Connect GUI which might remotely control the effect that you want.

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