The Rodecaster Duo has 6 or more midi pads. It connects to the iPad via usb-c or Bluetooth. I want to know on the iPad can they be configured to the 1,2,3 or 4 keys. In my streaming software those keys change camera scenes. I can connect a Bluetooth keyboard but it’s only to use those 4 keys.
Software is Switcher Studio and it only works on iOS devices.
If not, can I ask for a feature update please?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

If I understand, you want to use the MIDI pads on your Rodecaster DUO to switch scenes on Switcher Studio on you iPad instead of hooking up a bluetooth keyboard for this purpose.

I’m afraid we do not have any software for the iPad that converts incoming MIDI from your Roadcaster to keystrokes.

I can put that feature request in for you, however there are no promises if an when they would be added. I assume you’ve checked the Apple Store for software to convert MIDI to keystrokes on the iPad. The only software Bome has for iOS devices is BomeNetwork which is MIDI only.

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Hi, thank you for the feature suggestion.

Unfortunately, what you ask is not possible on iOS: it does not allow applications to inject or emulate keystrokes in another app.

The only way I see for this to work is if Switcher Studio implements MIDI control so that it can receive the Rodecaster’s MIDI messages directly.

Thank you Steve, I appreciate the honest reply. MidiKey2Key is an option for MacBook, however Switcher only works on the iPad. Look forward to the update if it happens