Rotary Encoder to button press

i got a rotary that i set to absolut there is no hard stop but it does not go below 00 or over 127/7F i would like to get it to trigger a push funktion like 01 is one push 02 next push and the same way on negative .

it would be the same as any positive move ment gives a push same with negativ

i got it mapped to a push button that increment +0.1 or -0.1 .

Hi Mikael. I’m not sure I understand.

MIDI messages do not allow for anything greater than 127 or less than 0.
With this said, many relative encoders send 127 for -1, 126 for -2 etc down to 64 for left turn.
For less than 65 they generate 1, 2, 3 etc for positive amounts. (right turn).

Is this what you want.

Turn right on knob and it sends an increment, turn left and it sends a decrement MIDI message. On outgoing are you looking for MIDI message. Program Change, CC increment decrement, or note (higher or lower).

Also, I understand your rotary doesn’t go beyond 127 or less than 0 but if you keep turning left when already at 0, will it continue to send more 0’s? If turning right when it is at 127, will it continue sending 127. If it does, then the conversion will be easier. If not, there will need to be a mechanism to re-center the value.

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yes it gives continuous 0 i keep going down and keeps giving 127 the other way. think it would only work is 01 equal on 02 equal off and so on and the other way for decrement.
cc or note on dosent mather becouse
the button i want to controll can learn but it needs press release to incrament

i forgot to say im so novice i just used 45 globals to control the leds on my APC 40 mk2
trying to map it 1 to 1 with Voicemeeter potato i was going to make chift layers to controll my vst’s

So you want the rotary to control the color of one of the APC40-MK2 LED lights? I would assume also that you would need to assign which light you want to assign. I will give you an example of 1 encoder to change the color of 1 of the APC-40 MKII matrix lights. Would this be sufficient?

Fortunately I also use VM Potato as well and I’m controlling the entire matrix with an APC MINI. I have the top 5 rows mapped to A1-A5 and the bottom 3 rows mapped to B1-B3 of each channel.

I prefer the APC-MINI over the APC40MK2 in this case because I can control all 8 outputs and the APC-40 only has 5 rows in the matrix.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

aktualy im trying to controll the reverb and the delay knob on the bus and they are not midi mapable in vm im trying to have a macro button incrament and one decrament
but i want to use knob on the board
for it but the macro only take presses

Hi, I’m not sure if you need to convert absolute to relative if you are adjusting LED colors with a knob. Attached is an example of 1 knob (top left) controlling the color of LED 1 (Bottom left).
APC40-MK2- Control LED.bmtp (1.0 KB)

hi again
the funcktion im trying to get the encoder to replikate is rotating up every incrament is lika a tap on a button

OK, so Macro on Bus 1, Knob Right Increment Reverb, Knob Left Decrement Reverb. Something like this as an example for you?

yes perfect
just wish i knew how t o get bome to send direct comands to voice meteer would be so much easier you know just set translator to incoming to raw/midi
out to Bus[0].ReturnReverb+=1

Hi, this is outside of the scope of Bome Support but for me. I’m using their VMR remote API for many of the not normally mappable features.

In either case, the following translation should do the trick Here I have set note number for increment to note 101 and for decrement note 102 on MIDI CH 1

Incoming: Control Change on CH1 with CC48 any value set to qq

// note for increment
// note for decrement

if qq>ya then pp=tt
if qq<ya then pp=ss
if qq==127 then pp=tt
if qq==0 then pp=ss


Outgoing : Raw MIDI 90 pp 7F 90 pp 00

Each button number will need a unique macro.

VoiceMeeter is

it works great
the macros i know
i was using apc mini first and got bome to use as midi router only to start with

Glad to help. It probably also helped that I’m also a Voicemeeter Potato user. Much easier for me to understand what you wanted. Enjoy!

yes thats true my explanations sounded good in my head but not on the screen
after seeing the code i under stod it better
forgot to say thank you for all the help

You are welcome of course!