Rotary Volume Controller to MIDI CC# Mod wheel

Hello I have this Aimos endless Rotary volume controller and I want to Map it as MIDI CC#1 Mod Wheel How can I do this as a Relative encoder?
and also Send MediaPlay/Pause a PushHold of CC#20?

VolumeControl2CC.bmtp (1.6 KB)

Hi and welcome back!

I assume you are on Winodows platform

It is possible that your knob controller driver is suppressing, the outgoing keystrokes or otherwise hooking onto the operating system at some other level.

Likewise, my keyboard media keys, although they can control the desired function do not send keystrokes to the OS, so I cannot map them. Getting keyboard, HID, mouse driver mapping to work is beyond the scope of Bome support.

With that said, I have successfully mapped other keys to your functions although I’m pretty sure this doesn’t help much.

I’m using Alt-Up and Alt-Down for volume up and dow and using Alt-Left to toggle the play pause function.

VolumeControl2CC–sjc.bmtp (2.2 KB)

I would consult the driver manufacturer to see if they can help remap your knob to keyboard shortcuts.

Steve Caldwell
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It seems the Alt+Up function is jumping right away to value 127 no incremental value. and Alt+Down doesn’t respond or continues to send 127 value

By the way, I can Remap the volume Controls to any hotkey with Modifier

Try this,

I forgot to change the output of translator 1.0 and 1.1 to a value of the global variable ga

VolumeControl2CC–sjc-a.bmtp (2.2 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks. It is working now I remap back to the volume control and it works changing increment to 5.
VolumeControl2CC_working.bmtp (2.1 KB)

But Yeah you were right, I cant block the normal function of the System Volume even in Autohotkey.
I might bind the Rotary knob to something else.

The perfect hotkey for me now is to use the F22 F23 and F24 for this purpose.
Thanks a lot.

VolumeControl2CC_working.bmtp (2.1 KB)

Awesome. Glad I could help!

Quick update. I uninstalled Logitech Setpoint on my system and now the media keys work. I’m running a Logitech K350 keyboard. So the Setpoint driver interferes with the OS.