Routing across the network

I am testing out the networking while I resolve the other issue. For testing, I have one machine as a destination RackAMidi that has two added virtual devices BabyB and MotifRackES. I added a route of MotifRackES IN to Midi16x16 port 3 OUT.

The source machine (MusicStation) has an Oxygen 25 attached via Delta Port Infor testing. I need to route Delta Port In to MotifRackES IN. However on MusicStation, I only see the virtual device RackAMidi and None of the other Virtual Machines on RackAMidi when I go to setup routing on MusicStation. How do I get MotifRackES both In and Out to show on MusicStation?


In Bome Network on RackaMIDI, click on your MusicStation connection. You will see a list of your devices connected to your MusicStation. Turn on the green switch for the port you want to use “Delta Port” . On RackaMIDI you will see a new virtual port for both in and out. You can then use the MIDI router to route to your virtual ports on RackaMIDI or you can also just directly connect to them with your application.

If your port name on your Music Station is “Delta Port” then in your application on RackaMIDI it will show as “MusicStation:DeltaPort”.

You can create routes on RackaMIDI as follows

MusicStation:Delta Port In → Midi16x16 port 3 Out

The above does not require virtual ports, however if you have added them you could

MusicStation: Delta Port In → BabyB Out
BabyB Out → MIDI16x15 Port Out

Or as a using BabyB as pipe:

MusicStation: Delta Port In → BabyB In
BabyB In → BabyB Out
BabyB Out → MIDI16x16 Port Out

I would recommend the first solution as it is the simplest, however there may be situations where you need more complex routing. For instance the example Below I’m setting up a MIDI split function allowing my FaderFox EC4 to talk to three applications, each with their own virtual port.


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That make sense. Now to the next piece dealing with non physical ports. If I now load Sonar on MusicStation, I need to be able to assign tracks to ports and channels. Sonar would have to be able to see ports to output to. For this then I would assume from the above that I would have to create the Virtual Port BabyB on MusicStation and in Sonar choose BabyB IN as the Midi port to output the track to, then the routes of BabyB In → BabyB Out and BabyB Out to Midi 16x16 Port 1 Out, or can I simplify to BabyB IN → Midi 16x16 Port 1 Out?

You should be able to select RackaMidi and then check BabyB on MusicStation.

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For a return path you will need another Virtual Port. I called my BabyB-Return

You do not need to do any Virtual Port MIDI routing if you are using Remote MIDI Direct.

Steve Caldwell
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