routing from out port back to in port

i remember reading an announcement that with one of the firmware updates, there was to be a feature that allows routing what goes out a midi port/alias back into an input. maybe it was by duplicating the alias or something. i just want to connect an additional controller to my setup, but i don't want to click around checking hundreds of boxes to add the alias to the list of inputs for every single translator. if i could just "loop back around" all the messages from this new input to be merged with the input from my other controller, then i would be able to do what i'm envisioning much easier.

thank you, bome. by the way, this is my latest creation:

-Pastel Fractal


There are a few ways to manage this.

  1. Create a static route if you want to route everything (no translators needed)
  2. Use port hiearchy as shown in this video. Instead of changing hundreds of translators, manage your port routing by a much smaller set of presets instead.
  3. If you couple the two strategies above with aliases, this should get you where you want.

Let me know if these strategies don't meet your need.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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Also, MT Pro does not offer out back to in at this time. For that you will need something like loopMIDI or loopBE. Stay tuned though because something will be coming.

Hi, you might want to check out our current Bome Network Beta 1.2.8:
It has an add-on called "Unlimited Virtual MIDI" which allows you to create named virtual MIDI ports, and connect them using the built-in MIDI Router.