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thanx a lot for your Midi Translator and the Bomebox! It helped me translate the Midi Notes my Roland SPD-SX is sending into Midi CCs which my tc-helicon Voicelive 3 can understand.

Unfortunately tc-helicon left some functions out to be able to be adressed through midi ccs. I can address the different so called "steps" in the VL3 by using different values of the same cc No., e.g. step 1 is value 0, step 2 is value 1 and so on... But I can't address the simple function of "one step further" (which by the way the haptic interface of the VL3 has).

So my question is wether there is a way to define a rule within the midi translator which translates the same incoming Midi Note into a fix CC No. with a basic value (0) and then adds a "value + 1" or "value -1" everytime the incoming note is received. This way I could skip through the different steps in the vl3 by hitting only one pad for step up and one for down on my Roland SPD-SX instead of assign a pad to each step as I am doing right now.

I'm totally new in programming ANYthing (and I never thought I would some day have to :) ) so I... actually don't know where to start at all in this little rules window... :)

Thanx a lot, you rock!

Something like the attached should work. You will need to modify for your environment as follows

Under Init Preset – Translator Init channel set the values of ga (cc you want to manipulate) and gc (channel) to you liking

Under Work Preset Translator Up and down, change incoming actions for the up and down notes you want to use.

Up translator will increment the cc value and send it out. If greater than 127 it will send out 127

Down translator will decrement the cc value and send id out. If less than zero it will send out 0.

Here are the rules in the Init Timer

// Initialize all global variables
// cc to manipulate
// current cc value
//Channel (in and out)

And the rules in up translator

if gb>127 then gb=127

And rules in down translator

if gb<0 then gb=0


Of course you will need to also modify the project file for the proper inputs and outputs of the devices you are using.

Have fun!



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Hi Steve,
thanx for that awesome solution! Just adjusted my Midi Notes and CCs and it totally works the way I wanted it. Perfect!

BUT… there is another problem: The Bomebox crashes regularly, like every 10-20 minutes. It’s then that the power led still is on and the Voicelive 3 still signes that it receives midi ins but it won’t fulfill the tasks anymore. Restarting the Bomebox then helps, but 10-20 minutes later it crashes again… That’s a big pity.
I just realized that I can’t connect to it via wifi anymore as well. I did the reset network procedure with booting the txt-file on a usb-stik (which I had done before where it worked) but nothing changes. What is happening is: When I start the Bomebox the power led blinks slowly, blinks faster, glows steadily, then I push the wifi button which then blinks fast, then it goes out, the leds from the ethernet connectors blink shortly and then the power led goes on again. But not the wifi led. And I can’t find the wifi with my computer. As I said, the reset wifi procedure changes nothing here.


Hi Klass,
Most of the time I\’ve found that when BomeBox crashes, it has to do with power problem. How are you powering your BomeBox. If you are using a USB hub, the USB port you are using might be the problem. Some USB ports are \”charging\” ports and do not provide consistent power (power is varied for to optimize charging time for the attached device). So I suggest using a power adapter or direct USB to computer direction to power the BomeBox and see if that helps. If this doesn\’t work, open a trouble ticket with Bome.
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Hi Steve,
that sounds sensible. I tried differnt normal Cellphone chargers, but now I’m gonna buy one with a stable power supply.
Tell you if ot works. Thanx,