Rules only respond to matching value

I wrote a rule to scale cc value. Followed the tutorial exactly. But instead of applying to every input value as expected, it instead only applies to the value that matches the cc#. For Instance if the affected cc# is #1 (mod wheel), the rule will only apply when cc#1 is at input value #1. It’s weird as heck and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m just trying to get this rule to respond with any value the cc might hit.

Including project file to help troubleshoot.
scale1.bmtp (1.0 KB)

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Instead of incoming value of pp as shown here.


set it to any value set variable to value pp as shown below:

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Then assuming you want to scale from value 0-127 (128 range) to 0-24 (25 range), the rules would look like this.

// This will convert 0-127 to 0-24
// outgoing scale
// incoming scale

Here is the updated project file with the suggested changes.

scale1-sjc.bmtp (1.1 KB)

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It works! Thank you Steve!

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