Running BMIDI on Linux

Hi all,

I am new to the forum and wanted to ask if anyone had any leads on being able to run the BMIDI Driver on Linux via Wine. I am trying to do so specifically to use with Divisimate software. When running the BMIDI Driver installer I get this error message:

“Error installing the Bome Virtual MIDI driver: Installing the bus driver failed with error code 14”

Does anyone know what error code 14 is referring to, and are there any leads on windows software that would need to be installed on wine for BMIDI to run properly? Thanks in advance to any response.

Hi, thanks for asking. BMIDI is our cross platform SDK for virtual MIDI ports. Our products like Bome MIDI Translator Pro and Bome Network use BMIDI to integrate virtual MIDI ports. Also, many third party companies license the BMIDI SDK from us for virtual MIDI support in their own products.

Error 14 just means what you already know: the BMIDI bus driver could not be installed. Apparently, Wine does not emulate kernel APIs: on Windows, BMIDI is a kernel driver. I don’t know how that could be fixed other than:

  • install MT Pro without BMIDI support (advanced installer mode)
  • use a native Linux application to create virtual Linux MIDI ports.
    I assume that the latter would then be usable from within Wine.

We’re also currently evaluating native Linux support for BMIDI. But, again, that wouldn’t directly help for running in Wine.

Let me know what you think.

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Thanks, Florian!

Yeah thanks a lot!

Hi, just a quick note here that we’ve updated our BMIDI offering with a Linux library. Also, Bome Network is available for Linux, now.

But, this does not affect Bome MIDI Translator Pro – it is not available for Linux. At this time, there are no plans for a Linux release.