Saving MIdi from a Drum machine

I am using Alesis SR-16 drum machine and MAudio Fast Track Ultra usb interface… I want to save my songs (presets I’v created) to my PC with Win 10 from myDrum machine.
I’v downloaded Bomes Midi translator Classic and I can choose Fast Track pro as midi in device. What should i choose for Midi out if I want to save midi files on my PC? I connected Midi cable from Midi out on SR-16 to Midi in on Fast track- When I press on Send Midi on SR-16 I see Midi led on Fast track flashing and same in Midi translator Midi in is flashing so midi info is transmitted but I cant see anything in Midi translator , there is no any information there…

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Most DAW’s (digital audio workstations) available allow you to record MIDI to a track for playback. Bome MIDI Translator does not do this as its primary function is to translate and re-route MIDI signals. If you are not using Bome MIDI Translator Pro, you set up your DAW to read directly from your MIDI port of your USB interface. If you are using Bome MIDI Translator, you set it up to read from your USB interface and then send to any virtual MIDI port (MT Pro has up to 9 virtual ports). Then in your DAW, you would read from the same virtual port you set up in MT Pro. Typically it is read from a MIDI track in the DAW and then you can use the record function of the DAW to record the MIDI. Then for playback, you would have your track send to an instrument track (in your case a drum instrument). There are many DAWs available and many have free version or trial version. I might start with Reaper but again, most DAWs will have the functionality you are looking for.

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