Search through all Apple Scripts in a .BMTP project

Hi! Is it possible to search for a word in all Apple Scripts that are used in a .BMTP project? Almost all of my translators are set to execute an Apple Script as the ongoing action and it would be very helpful (for me, at least) if I could perform a search to find which Apple Script contains a certain string (‘Cubase 10’).

Thank you !


There is no search function within Bome MIDI Translator Pro itself. What I do is.

  1. Export to a .txt file with File Export (Warning you cannot later import it back)
  2. Open the exported file in a text editor
  3. Use the search function of the text editor

Then with my text editor on the left window and MT Pro in the right window, I can find the proper preset and translator and then go into MT Pro to edit or change the AppleScript within MT Pro.

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