Seeing multiple MIDI ports from DAW

I have connected multiple USB MIDI interfaces to a USB hub then to the USB host port of the Bomebox which is hooked to my Mac through Ethernet. My plan is to use the MIDI routing to network my various synths and controllers with each other (for DAWless playing) as well as being able to access them from my DAW.

But in Ableton there is only one port showing for the Bomebox. I thought I should be able to see each of the ports listed in the Bomebox web config (33 of them so far) as separate ports in the DAW so I can address each of synths from the DAW but that doesn’t seem top be the case. What am I missing?

Thank you and sorry for being such a noob!


Oops never mind I think I found it! It’s in Bome Network not in the Web config!

Yes, you can expose all BomeBox connected port by going to your Bome Network tool and then clicking the on switch for any ports you want exposed to your Mac.

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