Sending Keystrokes simultanously


im kind of a newbie here.
i have been studing a bunch of the tutorials on the official youtube channel, but in ending up at at dead end, where i cant find a proper solution.
so im looking for a little bit of help.

my problem:

im sending key strokes to a application that i inject them to.
the initial keys are generated by a midi controller (akai mpd218), everything works as expected, until i want to send 2 strokes at the same time to the application.
this fails.

as an example pad 13 + 16 will send the keys a,d.
when i send the strokes with midi to the application this does not work,
when i press the physical keys, it does work.
i can can confirm that the application can receive keystrokes at the same time.

my question is, is it a midi limitation that i am facing and there isnt a possible solution to my problem? or do i just not understand the tool properly?

help is greatly appreciated.
im on the latest version of bmtp.

Hi and Welcome to the Bome Communtity!

Could you tell me what application you are sending MIDI to?
Do you have an example project file I can look at and see if I can duplicate the problem?

Steve Caldwell

hi steve,

the application is a psx2 emulator.
im doing a midi pad to controller input coinversion.

here is the file.

So when you are sending keystrokes from you keyboard are you pressing a down, then d down, then a up and then d up. In your file you show each keystroke as a full keystroke so each on is down and up, so if you press A and D with MIDI it would send A Down A Up D Down D Up which is only one keystroke at a time. Maybe try sending down and up as separate actions so that you can have both keystrokes held down at the same time?

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ah i see, there may be where my mistake is actually, i am of the opinion im sending just the down command.

how would i set the stroke up to just send press command and not the unpess as well?

You would have separate translators for note-on (Down) and note-off (Up). Keep in mind that you should always eventually send a note up as otherwise your keyboard may get stuck.


Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

thanks steve, perfect, that fixed my issue.

and yes i had written this comment with a whole bunch of extra unwanted letters ofcourse ;D

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