Sending same keystroke message to 2 different apps

My first post, hello everybody.
I’m into Twitch streaming and I’m using 2 different apps: first one for audio and the second for video. Using the midi to keystroke feature I’d like to use the same midi controller for both apps. Unfortunately Bome transmits midi message only on the active app, the other in background does not receive any message. That is strange, because the computer keyboard can send any keystroke to the background app.
My goal is to send the midi to keystroke message to both apps at the same time
I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, I hope someone here have the solution for that

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

By default, MT Pro only sends keystrokes to the currently focused application, however in some cases if you are on Windows platform you can use 'injected windows events". Not all applications support them, however. Please look at the manual (F1 or help withing MT Pro) and it should explain how this is done. I don’t have my manual handy but it is in the outgoing section and you click on find and then focus your mouse on the control of the target application. If there is a box that turns green around the control, then it should work from there. In your case, if you want to send the keystroke to two different applications, you would need two translators with the same incoming event but the outgoing keystroke injected separately to each application.

With that said, if the application support incoming MIDI, it is usually more reliable to do that. I use OBS Studio with injected keystrokes so I know that works.

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Thanks Steve for your fast response. I just read that part of the manual, unfortunately that method seems working on win only (i have a mac)

Right, on a Mac you might need to use AppleScript or something like Keyboard Maestro that I think can convert incoming MIDI to outgoing keystrokes directed at a given application. Or maybe it was OSCulator.


To my knowledge, BMT is the only software that can convert MIDI data to keystrokes.