Sensel Morph - non midi data

I’m looking into joining the Bome universe and am trying to solve an issue… I currently have a Sensel Morph connected to an iConnectivity mioXM - into computer. The SenselApp can’t connect through the mioXM - iConnectivity doesn’t allow anything except midi and sysex. It would be great to just be able to open the SenseApp to make changes to the Morph. Does the BomeBox allow non-midi data to pass through? Any other solution pop into mind?


Hi Lonn,

Thanks for reaching out! This looks like an interesting device. I think I saw it at NAMM in February of 2020.

You will probably need to ask them if the Morph is USB MIDI "Class Compliant ‘’, if it is, then BomeBox should be able to handle it as a USB controller, however I suspect it may not since the MioXM does not recognize it. I would ask them. You could potentially use it hooked to your windows machine if it exposes MIDI ports and then connect it up to the BomeBox with Bome Network. I suspect you are looking into it to be able to use it as a standalone device (without a computer).

As a rule of thumb, if you have to install drivers on Windows, Mac or Linux, it means it is probably not USB class compliant.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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PS. BomeBox only processes MIDI traffic, however it can be used as a generic network router too. It just won’t process other than MIDI data directly.