Sequential Actions: trigger one when the previous is done?

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I searched and could not find a way to trigger actions in-a-row. I mean, when one is finished, it triggers an other one and so on.

I know I can use Delay in ms to organize a particular “order” of actions, but this is quite messy when you need to re-order actions.

Any one knows how to do that? (using the Rules perhaps??)


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Hi, and welcome back!

The trick here is to use a timer with a local variable as a delay.
Since local variables are shared between the exact incoming trigger, you can increment it within rules. Then when you re-arrange the translators, the order events will change.

The attached example shows this. Since MT Pro can often do things in parallel, the most reliable way to ensure the events happen in the order you want is to introduce delays.

I trigger an event with a note-on Note 64 on MIDI CH 1 with my controller. This set a one-shot timer with zero delay called “Sequence 1”. Within Sequence1 the first outgoing action is not delayed but on subsequent translators I increase the value of pp by 20 ms. Now I can re-arrange the translators as I like as long as the first step is pp value of zero. If perhaps you want to change the delay time, you could use a global variable to make a different increment instead of +20.

Here is the project file.

Event-Sequence-2022-08-10.bmtp (1.6 KB)

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Thanks Steve for the information! I really appreciate! :slight_smile:

Have a great day!


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Thanks a lot Steve! :slight_smile:
I really appreciate!