Serial to MIDI on Mac OS 12.6 not working fine

Hello, I’ve a got Microbit used to send MIDI data to Ableton. Last year, it was working fine on both Windows PC and my “old” MacBook Air (2013). The project was somehow “sleeping”. Today, I plugged my Microbit in the Windows PC and it’s working fine. I also tried on my new MacBook Pro (Silicon), but after setting the serial port to Midi Device and setting up the router, I’ve got nothing in the log window… When it should send a note, there’s just… nothing. Nothing in the log window.
Is there any issue with MacBook Pro (Silicon) ?


Hi, and welcome back!

Have you tested the serial port on your Micro Bit with any serial applications (other than MT Pro) on your MacBook Pro? I think at first it is important to know whether the MacBook Pro can recognize the device as a serial port.

Then when running on MT Pro, is the serial port recognized? In MT Pro have you tried setting up a translator as serial in to see if any data is coming in (as a serial port) before setting it up also as a MIDI port.

Once we can confirm the serial port works, then we can look at the project file for serial to MIDI conversion (or recognizing the device as a MIDI device).

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