Series connection with pressing only one button

hey steve,

Is there a way that I can output different values ​​each time I press the same button on the MIDI controller?
first press once = Note39
second press once = Note40
third Press once = Note41
press again once = back to Note39 and start again.

basically a kind of series connection with just one button?




Yes, please find the attached.

The first translator looks at incoming note-on note 10 on MIDI channel 1. It then uses the global variable ‘ga’ to calculate the desired outgoing note number. Since all global variables at project start are 0 (unless otherwise set) the value of ga=0.
I add your desired note number to that and put it in the local variable pp. In this case I added note 39. For output, I use that note number.

The second translator does similar, but with note-off. After it is done it increments ga by 1. Then if ga>0 it is reset back to zero. The effect is what I believe you are looking for.

I set up my aliases as follows. You need to assign them to your actual physical or virtual device names.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

one-button-multi-notes.bmtp (1.4 KB)

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