Setting MidiMix pan knob for Premiere Pro CC

I can use the majority of functions and controls in Premiere Pro with my various surface controllers through MT now, but I want to learn how to program the top row of knobs on my Akai MidiMix to do one simple thing - I want them to be L/R Pan knobs, Where when I center the knob on the Control Surface, it is centered on the PremPro Panel and also when I turn the knob right, I want PremPro’s digital knob to correspond.

I’ve tried pp and ga and can capture the midi message raw no problem, but the controller is not working properly with PremPro - basically it doesn’t work at all as it should.

I’m not great with the rules and variables, so maybe this is where I am going wrong.

Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Hi Sean,
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The attached should get you started. I only programmed the upper left knob as V-POT1 which should be pan for the first track.

We basically convert from relative to absolute. Each Pan know bill need a differetn global variable.

I used g0 for V-POT1 so maybe you should edit the rules and change to g1 for V-POT2 and so forth up to V-POT 8 (g7)

In essence you will be

  1. Duplicating the translator
  2. Changing the title of each duplicated translator
  3. Change the incoming CC of each duplicated translator based on the knob you are using
  4. Changing all instances of g0 to the new global variable in rules of each duplicated translator
  5. Changing the outgoing CC of each duplicated translator (17-23 for VPOT 2-8 respectivly)

MIDIMIX-VPOT1-2021-04-24.bmtp (2.0 KB)

Good luck!

Steve Caldwell
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hello Steve, I will give this a go, I have tried other rules, like if pp=>64 rr=-128 and ga variables but got nowhere, so I’ll give this one a go and see what I can do :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the speedy reply.