Setting up controller board, there has to be a faster way, right?

I'm using Bome midi translator for making an APC 40 compatible with Pro Tools. but in order to set up the launch pad i need to manually bind 40 keys, and 40 outputs, along with 40 off keys and 40 off outputs, now i need to do this several more times in order to set up an octave shift. i have to be missing something because this is soul suckingly tedious. Theres gotta be a better way to do this, right?


Yes, there are ways to do this with less translators, however you need to have a little bit of knowledge regarding how to set up rules. For instance, for a matrix of 40 LED's you could set up a single translator with a bitmap and 2 variables (with bits to spare) to control all of their on/off states. You could then individually assign color numbers for off and on. All of this would be done in rules.

The attached can handle adjusting 64 lights on my APC-MINI with just a single translator input and using a combination of bitmapping (2 global variables) and timers to refresh the whole matrix. We look at the incoming button and use bit shift operators to manipulate the bits. In this case we only use note-on messages to toggle the lights. But there are also some rules, you can add in a single translator if you want to handle both note-on and note-off messages. We use a repeating timer to iterate through the who matrix on each button press to update the 64 LEDs of the APC-MINI.

You do, however need to have a basic understanding of how MIDI is used and understanding of hex, binary and bitmapping.

There are several other examples on the forum if you search for bitmapping, bit mapping, and maybe APC-MINI or APC MINI.




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thanks for the reply Steve, i ended up getting it working by using a mathematical formula to take the values from the launchpad and output a linear midi note.