Sharing Midi Ports between Roland D50 Librarian & Ableton

Ok I cant seem to get this working right

I have a Roland d50 thats is using my MAUDIO MidiSport Port 3

I would like to run Ableton and and outside program called the D50 editor at the same time

Here is my setup

Dropbox Capture in Bome

Here is my setup in the editor

Here is my setup in Ableton

In Ableton, I do not have MIDI Sport Port 3 selected…Just BOME Midi Translator 2
IN the editor, I have only MIDI Translater 1 selected

For some reason, BOME is making all my MIDI ports in the Midi Sport Unusable in Ableton.


For two way communications between your D50 and Ableton. And also two way communications between your D50 and Librarian Editor, it would need to look more like this:

Also it may be necessary to disconnect that connection between Ableton Live when using Library manager. You can use a control on your D-50 to disable and or enable the paths to Ableton Live. Depending on how you are using your D50 with Ableton Live, it may not be necessary. I have added translators to handle this. You may need to change the incoming trigger to your liking for your controller. I used notes that are typically outside of the normal piano range.

The way you have it set up is to allow 1 way communications from Ableton Live and Librarian editor to your D50 only. I’m not sure you want to turn on MIDI Remote in Ableton Live since it appears that you are wanting to use it as a performance devices as opposed to a remote control. The D50 might get quite confused if you are receiving data from your data librarian at the same time as Ableton Live is also sending data to your D50.

I’m not sure how or if your MIDISPORT 4x4 handles routing, but if there are problems here, it is possible that you have some internal routing in the MIDISPORT that is creating an infinite MIDI loop.

Share-D50-2022-05-02.bmtp (1.8 KB)

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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will try to illustrate how I am using every device

So pretty much I have a Moog Matriarch synth and a Prophet 6 that are also hooked up
They are both using DIN cables. Moog is hooked up to MIDIsport and Prophet is hooked up to my audio interfaces MIDI which is a Focusrite device
The D50 is also hooked up to the MIDIsport

  1. The D50 is closest to me on my desk so i want to use it just to control the notes of the other 2 hardware synths OR control any software synth plugin (notes only) in ableton. I dont need use of sliders or anything else on the d50

  2. But i will also use the Roland d50 as an external instrument device in ableton where Id like to be able to send midi notes too and receive mid notes from in ableton

Simultaneously , id like to be able to control the rest of the parameters with the patch librarian

Should i swap the Roland d50 midi to route into the focusrite? And put the prophet 6 through the MIDISPORT? Would this solve a loop issue?

This might be what you need to do. As far as I can tell, in the MIDISPORT 4x4 input ports are routed to all output ports so this indeed could create MIDI loops, especially if the D50 also has a MIDI thru mode. In either case you should not have a MIDI Thru setting on your D50 if it has one.

You should turn off control in Ableton Live if you are only using it for performance input and output.

Ableton Live → MT Pro → MIDISPORT 3 → D50 → MIDISPORT 3 → Loop
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Tried the setup this morning and it worked great!


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Thanks for letting us know!

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Also available for paid consulting services:
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