Should I map all MIDI with BOME?

Hi, I want to connect my MIDI controller to a VSTi host software and then map the controls (as normal) using the VSTi software’s ‘MIDI Learn’ feature.

For some extra functionality, I then want to use BOME MTP to map some mouse-clicks to the same controller.

I can successfully map all the mouse actions to the controller, using BOME MTP translators, and it works well. I can’t seem to map the controls using the VSTi’s MIDI learn. It’s as if the MIDI controller is ignored by the host while BOME is ̶r̶u̶n̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ installed. If I ̶e̶x̶i̶t̶ uninstall BOME, I can then connect/map the MIDI controller normally - but then obviously I lose the functionality I’d added with BOME MTP.

I’m assuming I just haven’t set it up properly or routed it correctly. After reading the manual, I still have no idea where to start, other than it’s probably something to do with this?..

My question:
Is it possible to map part of a controller using the VSTi’s ‘MIDI learn’ and then map other parts of the same controller using BOME? If so, how do I set it up please?.. or will I just need to map everything to the controller using only BOME MTP’s translators instead?

Thank you.

Hi, and welcome back.

Set up your MIDI through path to go to a virtual MIDI Port like Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out (BMT 1) and then have your VSTi Monitor that port instead. You can use translators for anything you want to change the map and anything that is not mapped will go through the MIDI thru path untouched. You may need to add ‘Blocking Translators’ for any thing you want mapped to a keystroke only by setting up an additional translator with the same incoming trigger as the keystroke translator, an outgoing action of None and the Swallow option set. Otherwise it will still find it’s way through the midi thru path.

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Thanks fore the welcome and the suggestions Steve!

I thought that should be the case.
I’ve tried various combinations of in/out/thru (in BMT and the Host) - I just can’t seem to get it working properly.

BOME does send all the ‘mouse-click’ and ‘Note-on LED’ translators correctly, but I can’t get the Host to detect the MIDI controller while BOME is running; so I can’t finish mapping the rest of the controller using the Host’s ‘MIDI Learn’ or ‘CC map’ facilities.

It’s probably just something simple I’m doing wrong- or maybe the VSThost software is finicky.


You should not try and access the controller directly from your VST Host. Instead route your MIDI out to a Bome Virtual Port and use that port with your VST Host instead of the controller’s original port.

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Thank you. I’ve enabled Virtual Ports In/Out and passed thru to Bome MTP from the VSThost. Unfortunately I still can’t get it to work.

In fact, I can’t use the controller at all (with any software) while MTP is installed (even when MTP is not running). I can confirm that only uninstalling MTP seems to re-enable the MIDI device again. Very strange.

Any reason this is happening?

What is your VST Host? Did you check the MIDI settings of it?

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Hi. Thanks again, I’ve checked everything I can see.

The VSThost is called ‘VSThostx64’ by hermannseib.

In its menu are the following options:

Input=BOME MIDI Translator 1
Output=BOME MIDI Translator 1
Through=Mix101 through to: BOME MIDI Translator 1
Remote Control Port=BOME MIDI Translator 1

I’ve tried various combinations and I’ve tried restarting the Host and BOME and re-connecting the USB MIDI device to see if it registers. No luck.

*I just tried in RenoiseDAW and BOME and Controller work perfectly together with the DAW and VST’s. Probably just an issue with VSThost - I’ll keep trying because ReNoise isn’t suited for live performance.


I would disable through and either only use Input or Remote Control but not both. You might have some MIDI loop happening here.


It’s driving me insane. :sob:

Would anyone be willing to take a stab at getting this working for me if I pay them please?
I have it all mapped already, I just can’t get the device to connect to the Host.

Sorry if this is not appropriate to ask.
Much appreciated, thank you.

Hi Peter,

I know this must be frustrating so I loaded VSTHost and figured it out.

In VST Host for MIDI IN Select BMT 1 - Do not select any other devices. To unselect a device press and hold control while clicking it.


For MIDI OUT unselect all
For MIDI Thru unselect all
For MIDI Clock unselect all
Leave Remote Control Port Blank '—"

To assign a VST parameter to a plugin:

Make sure you have a path between your MIDI IN Engine and your plugin

Select the VST that you want to learn

Goto Plugin MENU as shown here

The following window should open up.

Under type, click ‘Learn’ and then move your MIDI control.
Under parameter right click and select the parameter you want it to map to.

Then click OK

In my case I set my drawbar settings from CC 0 on my incoming controller that I had set up ‘BMT 1’

I hope this helps.

If you want further assistance PM, me and I will provide you my rates and set up a Zoom call with you.

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Oh wow - Hey that’s great!

I’ve finally mapped one of the controls - so I think that’s nailed it.
Thank you so much for taking the time to do that - I really appreciate it. Very kind of you.
Super, super happy now :slight_smile:

I’d like to make a donation for your help if possible - I just wouldn’t have been able to figure it out otherwise.

One thing I’d like to add is this:
When multiple VST’s are open in VSThost, Ithink you need to repeatedly assign the MIDI controller to each VST - window.

I guess this is a good feature (in that you couldpotentially have a separate controller for each VST, if you like). In my case, this was what was causing the main issue - I was assuming the assigned controller would be universal (same controller for every vst) - but I now think you need to assign it again for each instance.

Nice one! Thanks a million Steve; you’re star!

I think you will need different controllers or MIDI ports for each VST, otherwise all VST’s will get the same control. There should be a way to use Bome MIDI Translator to use different ports (controlled by a MIDI Translator) and the use different virtual ports each to control a separate VST. You could switch Bome MIDI Translator presets to switch port routing.

For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

Thanks for any donation you want to send me! You can send to the email address below.

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