Should Virtual Midi Ports be visible in BomeBox GUI?

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Am I right in thinking that when you add a virtual midi port under Bome Network Pro that the port name should show up as a destination on my bomebox ? In the bomebox dropdown menu, I only see the PC which is running Bome Network Pro, not any of its virtual ports. I have purchased the Unlimited Named MIDI Ports and have activated it.

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Hi, and welcome back.

Thanks for your purchase of Unlimited MIDI Ports!

What you are talking about Remote Direct MIDI ports. Right now BomeBox will expose Remote Direct MIDI ports to computers but not the other way around. This is planned for a future release. All BomeBox will see is the main network port for each network attached device. Computer to Computer connections will see Remote Direct MIDI ports, however.

Maybe if you describe what you are trying to do, I can figure out how you can handle it until Remote Direct MIDI exposing is available on BomeBox.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your fast reply.

What I’d ideally like to do is create a virtual midi in port for each piece of software I am running on the PC. Then was trying to route incominng midi messages from the bomebox (DIN & USB) to each of the specific virtual ports so that no errors occured from the 2 software programs sharing the same commands / controllers etc.

What do you suggest?

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Well, here is what I would recommend

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      Have your computer use Remote Direct MIDI from your BomeBox since the ports will be exposed on your computer separately by BomeBox. Then on your PC use the MIDI routing of Bome Network to route each of the incoming Remote Direct MIDI ports to your desired virtual ports on your PC. Then have your applications access the virtual ports.

Alternately you could bypass the virtual ports and connect your applications directly to the desired Remote Direct MIDI Port.

  1. Route by MIDI Channel (requires MT Pro to put things back on the computer side.

You could also do routing by channel all to the same network port , if your devices are on different channels. Thin on MT Pro, split the channels to different ports (converting them back if necessary.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: