Simple guide to mapping Bome Presets?

Hello! Tried to search the forum for this, as I’m sure it’s been covered, but the terms are quite generic and not sure if I’m using the correct terminology

We wish to use BOME MT Pro to do the following:

1.performing a live show with Ableton Live. One Live set contains all ~20 songs from our set arranged in scenes using the Session view. Each scene contains a unique set of Drum Racks, VSTs, Audio clips etc.

  1. have a BOME MT Pto Project with a number of Preset that correspond to each of songs in the set which translate incoming commands from 2 Korg MicroKontrols (and possibly one other Midi controller?) so that as we change scene/song in Ableton the keys, pads, faders etc on each MicroKontrol change their mapping/function in relation to the specific Instruments/Clips in each Ableton Scene. (For example Song 1 faders 1-8 on Mikrokontrol 1 are mapped to a pair of ADSR envelopes on a VST, but in Song 2 the same faders control the Oscillator mixer section of a different synth etc)

3.As each scene in Ableton is triggered a dummy clip in Ableton sends a message out to Bome MT Pro to proceed to the preset that corresponds to the Ableton Scene.

Assuming all three are possible - how does one set up midi mappings to select Presets in BOME MT Pro?

Thanks for any help and sorry if this very obvious!

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Perhaps you should start with this tutorial. You can change the entire behavior of a controller by enabling a Bome MIDI Translator preset and disabling all others.

In general, you usually have a preset that is ‘always enabled’ that takes commands from Ableton Live and with given MIDI triggers, the outgoing action would to be to select a given preset and deselect all others. Entire preset sections can have the same incoming triggers from your controller with completely different outgoing MID messages (actions).

This should get you started but let me know if you still have questions.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thank you Steve, this did the trick. Tutorial lays it out perfectly!

Very glad to be using BOME again, we used it over a decade ago to link two instances of Ableton over a MIDI Network and now back again using it to reconfigure some beloved old MIDI controllers and make our strange performance set-up work.

So glad the software is going strong!


Glad to help!