Simplest question - creating easy functioning rule in midi translator pro

Very new to this, and I thought I'd start by setting up the simplest midi processing rule, using an example that I see: pp = 127 - pp. pp is set up under incoming as the variable for a note value. the midi routing is working fine - i'm successfully sending notes from my hardware sequencer to a synth. But the rule isn't doing anything. Obviously something else is required, but I'm not finding it very easily. hoping for a simple answer so I can just get started....


Please see the attached.

First I have created to aliases which I have assigned existing MIDI ports. Doing this lets me change things around without hardcoding port names if the configurations change.

I made sure the ports are opened at the project level by checking the aliases check boxes.

Then I create a MIDI thru path using the MIDI router. Anything that does not go through a translator ( with "swallow" set) will go through this path.


Then I created 2 translators. One for note-on and one for note-off.

I assign the incoming note number pp and velocity qq

In rules I add 5 to pp.

On output I send out the incremental note number which goes out 5 semitones up from the incoming note.

I've attached screen shots and the project file.

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thanks! this will be very helpful. Thought (somehow) that the note offs would be taken care of, but you obviously do need a separate translator for that. I also hadn't been getting any sound when checking the 'swallow' option.

this should get me started. I appreciate it.

My pleasure!