Single Button Preset Selection Help!!!

One last question for the evening!

Im wanting to use one button sending a midi note, to change presets. Im using a global variable, and rules in the following translators to alter the function of other buttons. Eg. I want 4 "settings". Setting one, button "A" outputs a midi message, Setting 2, Button A outputs a different midi message, Setting 3 etc, etc.

I know how to do this with a cc knob...but how can I make this work with a button that outputs a note on/off message? Im kinda stuck and have no idea how to go about this... Have I mentioned that Im very new at all this?

Thanks so much for the help with my over abundance of questions!



Incoming action : Note ON – Any note on channel x (whichever channel you are using. Set note to pp


if pp==60 then qq = 12 (an arbitrary controller number)

if pp==60 then rr = 15 (an arbitrary controller value)

… do this with various values for different incoming notes


Controller Output controller qq value rr

If you want to do other types of output like program changes etc. use the same methodology.

Use local variables so they don’t mess up other translators.

Or, I remapped controls for Camtasia using Samson MF8 using F1 as the “coarse” settings and F2 as the “fine” settings. I’ve attached a screenshot of MT Pro preset: F1 switches to preset name #2, F2 switches back to preset #1.