Slider cc16 ranges to hold single midi notes (release previous on each change)

I would like to move a physical slider assigned to cc16 on my keyboard so when between values:

cc1-11 hold note C2,
cc12 to cc23 release C2 → hold note C#2.
cc24 to cc35 release c#2 → hold note D2

cc116 to cc126 release A → hold note A#2
cc127 release A#2

The purpose is to use a slider to keyswitch for a VST that requires you to hold down the keyswitch notes.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this.

Hi and welcome back!

The attached project should get you started.

I use a single translator looking at CC16.

The incoming trigger is any value set qq to value.

Then I look at the value of local variable ‘qq’ to determine the value of global variable ‘ga’ which is an index value that we will use to calculate the outgoing note number.

We then at a value to the index to get the desired note number to play. You may need to adjust this value as note names are not standardized in MIDI.

We look look if the note playing is the same as last played (global variable ‘gb’ . If it is the same note number, then we do nothing as we don’t want repeated notes.

However if it a different note number, then we turn off the last note played and turn on the new note. We keep the value of the last note played in the global variable ‘gb’ for the next iteration.

We then use raw MIDI to both turn off the last note and turn on the next notes

Here are the rules.

if qq<1 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// lets start with higher notes and
// go down from there
// Add higher notes if desired
if qq<36 then ga=3
if qq<24 then ga=2
if qq<12 then ga=1

// Set note to play. 
// get last note played into tt

// next iteration set last note played

if pp!=tt then gb=pp
// if last note played is same as current note, skip
if pp==tt then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
//Log "Log Note off %tt% - Playing note %pp%"

The outgoing action raw MIDI is show below. This turns of note tt and turns on note pp. In this case note-on and off are on MIDI CH 1.

80 tt 00 90 pp 7f

Hold-Single-Notes-with-CC16-Demo.bmtp (1.4 KB)

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Hi Steve,

Thank you! It will be fun testing this out - will report back how I make out. This is for another pedal steel plugin that I have been practicing with goal to perform the most common pedal steel idioms in real time using the first 5 sliders on my Axiom 61 1st gen controller. Translating the 10 strings of an E9 pedal steel guitar plus the movement of the steel bar and the string bends from the pedals to a MIDI controller is challenging - this helps get all the controls in one place.

OK, I only programmed 3 notes but with a little luck you can figure out how to program the rest.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

I enjoy building out from your examples. I just have trouble getting started :slight_smile: I was pretty sure you would use the raw midi approach.

EDIT - I built out the rest of the octave which helped me understand how you scripted this. It works perfectly - thanks again

You are quite welcome. I anticipated you could figure it out if you carefully studied the logic I used.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:
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