Smooth Mackie Controller Pitch Bend

Steve, you previously helped me build a custom BOME template to smooth out CC data coming from my SSL faders. I'm now using the SSL via Mackie Control which uses the standard Mackie pitch bend information. Just like with the CC data, the SSL does not send out very many bit/ nodes of information. So just like our CC data smoothing template, I'd like to use BOME to interpolate extra nodes in between the low resolution pitch bend bits it's sending out.

Here's a link to our previous forum discussion.

I've attached my current BOME translator file. I've tried to convert the variables from CC to Pitch bend but it's not sending higher resolution data. Can you help me with Fader #1 in the template and I can do the rest?

Thanks in advance for you help.

P.S. Here is some info about what data the SSL is sendout for mackie control info:

The faders send pitch messages on channels 1-8 for faders 1-8 port 1. (e0 - e7 hex)

Faders 9-16 will be pitch messages on channels 1-8 from the 2nd port. Encoders send midi CC's 16-23 (decimal) or 10-17 (Hex).

These send relative values (value 0-40 for +increments 41-7F for -increments (in hexadecimal))


Hmm are you telling me your Mackie controller is sending out only 128 possible pitch bend messages out if a possible 16384? Yes, we can send out “baby step” messages instead but what would happen is one input step would result in 128 baby steps output (16384/128). Is this what you are looking for. Basically we would take the one step in and then use that to drive a timer to send out 128 steps so your resolution would not get any better but your fader may move less radically (slower).

Before we go down this path, please confirm this is what you are looking for. If so, I can set up an example for 1 fader and you can use that as a model for the rest.

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The pitch bend is in full resolution 16384 possible points. However, it sends only a maximum of 10 nodes of data per quarter note (at BPM 120). This is very low resolution. So what we did with the attached CC Smooth Map translator was took the node and wrote extra point in between each to give better resolution. In MCU mode on my SSL nucleus, it sends pitch bend data instead of CC data. So I was hoping you could edit the attached SRD MID Smooth Math v1.bmtp to look for pitch bend instead of CC data. I tried to edit it myself by changing the variable it’s looking for from CC to Pitch bend but I couldn’t get the extra data to write.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the low resolution automation data. I basically want to write pitch bend values in between each of the nodes. Just like we do with the BOME MIDI smooth translator that adds extra points in-between each value.


Gotcha, I’ll take a look.




I did a quick and dirty adjustment with only fader 1 preset. Instead of incoming CC 7 with value of g1. I changed it to pitch bend MIDI CH 1 with incoming value of g1.

For outgoing it is also pitch bend but with the timer and adjusted fader output value of ga.

If this works, then you would need to do the same for faders 2-8 (CH2-CH7). Mackie only handles 8 channels (and master). If you want more faders, you have to bank up and then next bank up becomes pitch bend CH 1-7 instead. It takes a bank down message to go to the first 8 channel faders.


If you remember we used global variables g1 and ga for first fader, g2 and gb for second, etc.


Since I’m not near my controller right now I didn’t test but if it gives you problems, let me know and I’ll take another run through it and test with a mackie compatible controller to ensure the 1 fader is working as advertised.

If you want me to complete the whole solution for you, just drop me an email and I will be happy to provide an estimate.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Thank you very much. With a little tweaking of the variable amount, it’s working great. The default variable amount of 1 was too much. I set it to 50 with a wait time of 3 milliseconds instead of 5 and it sent smooth midi. Thank you very much.

Glad to have helped!