[SOLVED] Filter (null) all channels CCs messages except for the midi channel 16


As the title explains, I need all messages for a specific preset to be nulled - except for if they are coming on midi channel 16.

Now, I've looking for some elegant solutions as the one here https://www.bome.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3893

The problem is that they have several rules incorporated. I just need a preset that will pass through all CC messages if they are coming from channel 16. Them they should just pass through without any translator action.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Or, how to solve the problem when a midi controller also needs to be used in an 'All MIDI Inputs' mode - besides being used with/to send midi controller messages to a BOME MT.

My solution is to use the BOME midi Translator port in 'All MIDI Inputs' mode. As I can't use both in that mode because then the midi controller will also send raw data to the sequencer, at the same time as to BOME MT. Tricky.

So, I need the ability to send a part of the midi controller data to stream directly to sequencer -OR- to bypass the BOME MT.

Can't see any other option, if you have some creative ideas, please let me know.

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I hope I captured your concerns OK.  The following project file I believe address both of your issues.

Preset 1 (with only 2 translators) handles the messages to filter all but MIDI CH16 messages.

First I have a MIDI through path between alias My Controller and My Application. By default all messages will pass through this path. I then create a translator to filter only CC messages and only allow CC 16 to pass through. However since the translator 0.0 does not execute it still goes through the default thru path. For this I add another translator with outgoing of None. The result is:

1) All MIDI Messages except CC messages will use the MIDI routing thru path.

    - For CC message the first translator process all CC messages and only sends if on MIDI CH 16

     -The second translator blocks all CC message go through the MIDI thru path, which is only necessary if you have also defined a MIDI thru path.

Preset #1 has My Controller as Input and My Application as output so only affects that MIDI path.


For your second question. I have created 3 input aliases "My All Inputs1, 2 and 3" and tied these to Preset 2 "All Input Modes" with the alias "Sequencer" as the output. I have no default thru paths set in the project since I don't want Sysex messages on the sequencer.  I then put in 3 translators. The first to pass through al 1 byte MIDI messages (like Sync). The second passes through all 2 byte MIDI messages (like PC) and the 3rd passes through a 3 byte messages (like note and CC). To avoid multiple translator to handle all messages, I put "stop processing" on each translator.

The result is that only 1, 2 and 3 byte MIDI messages will go through (the translators) since you do not have any default thru paths set. This will only affect messages coming through the defined inputs and output defined n the preset.  So inputs My All Inputs1, My All Inputs2, and My All Inputs3, and output Sequencer. 

If you want different processing for different paths, then you can alter this behavior by duplicating th preset and then defining the paths you want for that preset. 


I hope this helps.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


100% success! I’m using the first preset for my purposes for now. It does exactly what I want. Later on, I’ll try to develop settings with aliases, etc. Thank you again, I really appreciate your kindness and help. Case closed.

Glad I could help!