Some Keystrokes not working as expected


I’m trying out Midi Translator and some Keystrokes doesn’t work:

  1. Made 5 translators to Shift to the next desktop to the right/left:
    a) Ctrl down
    b) LWin down
    c) right/left
    d) LWin up
    e) Ctrl up

It works when either the Midi Translator is in focus or the windows desktop is in focus. It doesn’t work if any other software has the focus.

  1. Made 5 translators to move the focused program to the left/right monitor
    a) Same as above but with LWin+Shift+left/right

Does only work with Bome’s Midi Translator window. No other window does move, neither to the left neither to the right!

  1. Made 1 translator to close any program with Alt+F4

Same procedure! Does only work with Bome’s Trnaslator window, no other window closes.

What’s the problem? Can anybody help?


Hi, and welcome to the Bome Forum!

Could you share your project file? It is unclear to me whether when you say for instance control down whether you say control key down but not up or control key plus down arrow.

There are certain keystrokes in Windows that only behave when there are programs focused. For instance Win(Down) will only close the current active window and if there are no active windows, nothing happens. This is normal Windows behavior.

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Also, in version 1.9.0 there is an option to delay keystrokes. This works best in situations where you have a 3 or more keystroke combination.

It is shown on the bottom snapshot as "Emulate keystrokes slowly.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

With down I mean to hold the key,means for 1 it is Ctrl(hold)+Win(hold)+left or right.
With up I mean to loose the key.

The described combinations do always work with the PC Keyboard.
Switching desktop just work once as long as the software is in focus.

I’ll send the saved file tomorrow, not at my desktop today evening…

Thank you very much for helping;)

OK, I’ll look at it when you post it. Thanks!

Hi there:)

I found the problem!

As soon as a program with Admin Rights is in Focus, the Keystrokes doesn’t work anymore!

Tested this with Total Commander, Chrome, Windows Editor and some more, as soon as I start them in Admin mode the Keystrokes from the Midi Translator refused to work!

My problem now is, that I’m starting all my software in Admin Mode with Autohotkey, here are the very first lines in my AHK script:

If not A_IsAdmin
*Run RunAs %A_ScriptFullPath%
#SingleInstance force
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
CoordMode, Mouse, Window

I do need Admin Mode for all my music software and Total Commander, which I use very often for backup and copy my music data from A to B. All other Software can run in Normal Mode.

Ok, is there a possible solution for this purpose and can you please confirm this Admin problem?

Thank you;)

I don’t run anything in elevated mode and don’t recommend it but if you want to try you can try running MT Pro in Admin mode and see what happens.

I would imagine any program that recognizes keystrokes in elevated mode only would not recognize keystrokes from any program not running in elevated mode.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi Steve:)

I don’t know why I have not tested this, but it works in Admin Mode. Found a solution for Autohotkey to start only some Programs in Admin Mode, so will see next week what I will do, but I like this doing things with the midi controller and perhaps controlling software with it. Must find a special place fpr the controller, cause I have 2 others for the DAW…let’s see.

Thank you very much for now;)


OK, tested a bit more. I do use these outgoing rules too, very nice!

Bought it just at the moment;)


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