Some MTP Suggestions

Could you guys make an option that we could toggle off (suppress) the error box on start up?
It always pops up showing me what isn’t plugged in but I really don’t need that.
Always have to close it. MIDI controllers not being plugged in and running isn’t necessarily an error anyway.

Could you make a “default project” on start up? Regardless of what project was open on the last session. There could be a check box for “use last project opened” instead.
And could we get an option for MTP to start up minimized?
And is there a dark mode coming in the future maybe?

Please and thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I assume the popup you are getting are because you have controllers in your project that are not in use. The best solution for this would be to define aliases for all of your controllers and then when you first get the pop-up for controllers that are unused, select ‘(none - don’t ask again)’.
The next time you open the project without that alias, you will no longer be prompted.


If you are not using aliases, you will always be prompted for any missing physical controllers.

This sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Right now, MT Pro will always try to open the last project you were using unless of course you double click on an actual project file that you want to open. In that case, the project file that you double click will open instead of the last project file.

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Oh. I didn’t know this aliases thing dealt with the error box as well. Thank you, I will do that.

Oh, just realized that’s not the pop up I’m talking about.
It’s the general error box that pops up anyway. I have to close it every time I open FLS/MTP.
It’s just a single click but if I use this program a thousand more times in my life, that’s a thousand clicks.

I spied the “beta” word in your picture. Oooh new version! :open_mouth:

Yes, however if you have them defined as aliases and you are not using the aliases, you should not get these error messages.

Yes, I’m a permanent beta tester. That way I can try and catch any bugs before a new release goes out. I run most of my personal project files using the Beta Version.

I also have a production (non-Beta) on my computer when I need to duplicate an error that someone running on non-Beta has a problem. In this case, I just tried duplicating with the Beta Version but if you had different results, I would have gone back to the production version.

I still recommend that unless you find something really bad broken in production, you run that instead of requesting a beta version. In my case, the impact is not a problem if something breaks in my test environment.
The problem with Beta is they expire every so often so I have to periodically install a new Beta when the old one expires. Again, for me it is not a big issue since I’m not doing any real producing or live performances.

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So I went and made sure everything is running through aliases.
I didn’t comb through all the individual translators perfectly. There might be one or two still using the auto aliases. Have the project default to only be a single input. Before I had like all my devices on there as project defaults.

But I still get the error pop up when plugging in/out devices. Think that I’m just getting messed up in my mind because of the word “error”. I guess it’s just more of a notification. Annoying that I have to close it every time though. Wish I could suppress it; saving that box for actual errors.

You must still have a hardcoded input or output.

  1. Export your project file to text.
  2. Search for the port name that created the error.
  3. Correct it back in your original project file.

Note there is no import feature so we were just using export so that we could do a search to find out which translators are using the hardcode device name.

If an Alias is not assigned to any port, you will not get an open port pending error.

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Wait, I set up the aliases so I don’t have the error messages.
But if the aliases aren’t connected to an actual port, the device isn’t connected to anything.
So it’s dead in the water. ?
Didn’t I create aliases to stop the errors? How can I use MTP without ports being connected?

You will need to assign aliases to the all connected physical ports and then not assign them if they are not connected to anything. That is how you get rid of error messages on ports that are not in use.

All presets and translators should talk to their assigned aliases.


Sorry but I’m still not getting this.
Before this talk I had all my presets set to an auto alias. Always got errors for every device plug/unplug.
So then after your posts I created all new custom aliases and moved all the inputs and outputs to these custom aliases. I’m still getting error pop ups.

Plugged In Error

You say that I have to set the aliases to (none-don’t ask again).

None Don't Ask Again

But if I do that the device is unplugged entirely; without being associated with MTP at all. ?
I’m confused.

Could you post or PM me your project file?

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Redacted. Project File Removed.

OK, unassigning an alias and then not using it will mean it will not work, however since it is unassigned you will not get error messages on these unassigned ports.

You will only get error messages on:

An alias port that is assigned but the physical port is not available
A physical port that is not available if you assign it directly.

So indeed, unassigning all aliases will give you no errors but will be useless on any ports you want to use. You would need to unassign aliases only on the ports that you don’t want to use.

Back to your original question, If you don’t want to see these errors but want to leave them assigned, we are planning to have a future version of MT Pro that simply flags that there are errors in red but does not focus the error window. I think this is what you are looking for. It would be a bad thing not to have the errors shown anywhere.

So for now, you should probably assign all aliases that you want to use and any unavailable devices will still show up in the error log which you can close if the devices you want to use in the current MT Pro session are all you want to use.

For a future version, you will get a red flag but the error box will not be focused unless you focus it.

I hope this is what you want.

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Ok knowing a future version has it handled makes me happy. Thank you.