Some Question after Purchasing Bome Translator !


i just bought Bome Translator pro tonight after waiting months for a specific feature to be implanted, but it seems it's not there yet. I wrote to "someone" here last year. i'm a disabled musician, i tried the 1.8 trial. It's a lovely software, a dream come true for me, but i have some questions on specific use (not a big deal but still annoying).

  • i'm a musician who use different controler to avoid as much as possible hand movement because i have both hands very injured. my need are for musical purpose but normal computer use as well. the issue of course is to remember all the settings for each programmed translator for all different software :). back then i asked to someone here if an automatic switch preset would be implanted, someone replied to me that it was on the to do list, but from what i read here on the forums, it seems it's not there yet. i'm talking about something like counter design shuttle Xpress does. automatically when a software is launched, the corresponding preset is loaded, instead of clicking or switching or using a special shortcut to switch to a particular preset. Is there a simple way to avoid this ? because there are a lot of software. would this be implanted soon ?
  • is there a way to program a Sequence of Mouse mouvement ? instead of a one mouse mouvement per translator ? I hurt myself a lot to do things who doesn't have a keyboard shortcut, and automatic mouse mouvement by just hitting a pad of my CMC-PD steinberg, would be amazing. an example ? saving a Preset in a Vsti in Cubase !! (this feature has no shortcut in Cubase.. with 3 move mouvement it's done but doing it on thousand preset hurt a lot.
  • the controlers i use are the CMC series from steinberg, i have them all.

some more questions if i don't bother you so much.

  • is it possible to use a command in Bome to "light" the leds from the CMC ? the led work but only when we press the buttons. all the leds are "on" in cubase when used. certainly there is a command possible or something ? Unfortunatly it's a discountinued product, and there is no HEX or Midi implantation in the manual about this.
  • is it possible to block the use of some Midi controlers ? for example there are stuff that i want to use exclusively for windows or with my own shortcuts in Cubase. if i launch cubase, for example, the Ai Steinberg CMC is seen by cubase and both signals are received by cubase, the one from Bome and the one set up in cubase. is there a way to make a Preset / translator so when cubase is running, it stop receiving signal from Bome ? but as well vice versa on an another project / preset ! that no signal is send to cubase, and only the ones from bome are working (i'm afraid it's an issue of the driver of the CMC and there is no way to bypass this, except using some tricks (like turning on the controler with a usb switch once cubase is running, and launching bome after. but doing this in an automated way would have been lovely.

Thanks for any reply, i understsand i ask lot of questions, and maybe it's better to post a per topic / per questions ? if yes, please let me know and i'll do it ! Thank you !


Wow you have a lot of questions. I’ll do my best to answer each of
them one at a time.

1- Can you automatically set a given preset when the project is opened?

Yes, there is an incoming trigger that can be set up to do a number of actions. If there are multiple actions required I usually launch a
timer and then have each of the desired actions monitor the timer as its own incoming trigger.
If they have to happen with a delay, you can set up a different delay for each outgoing action within its translator.

2- Is there a way to program a Sequence of Mouse mouvement ? instead of a one mouse mouvement per translator ?
Well not a single translator but again you can have a multiple translators monitor for the same trigger and have each one set up to delay it’s output so with that, you can create a sequence of events.

So you could have something like this:

First translator – On incoming trigger, click mouse down at current location
Second translator – Move (Drag) to desired destination location. Put in a delay of say 50 micoseconds to ensure first translator and computer has completed.
Third translator – Release mousse button after say another 50 microsecond.

So the incoming action is the same and 3 outgoing actions occur, mouse click down, move(drag), release mouse.

For mouse movements, since MT Pro does not have knowledge of the current mouse location or the ability to read desired location on the screen, you must ensure that your screen is always set up the same so that if you move your mouse to coordinates x, y and click there, you know that you are clicking at the right place.

Outgoing keystroke actions are much more reliable in this regard, since most software does not care where the mouse location is so all you have to do is ensure the application has current focus.

3-Is it possible to use a command in Bome to “light” the leds from the CMC ?

It depends on whether the CMC lights respond to MIDI messages. If they do, then yes it can be done faily easily. Mostly this depends on the MIDI controller you are using and its capabilities. I’m not familiar with the CMC so cannot tell you on that one for sure.
Without documentation, it would require trial-and-error on several MIDI messages to determine what, if anything, it responds to.

4- Is it possible to block the use of some Midi controllers?

You can use MT Pro and open input ports for all connected controllers and then use routing and translators to enable/disable output to any other available MIDI ports. MT Pro, however would not be aware of what applications are running and what applications are not. Also
outgoing keystrokes or mouse messages would not be blocked.

For Cubase, you would set it up to only look at the Virtual MIDI ports that Bome is using and have Bome MT Pro always running and use translators to disable or enable what you want.

For follow-on questions, it is probably better to post by topic.

I hope this helps!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Hi i want to thank you very much for your amazing answer 🙂

I tried the 2) procedure ! and it’s working great ! Thank you very much ! i have some difficulties to use the injected feature with the vst plugin of cubase, but i didn’t give up yet. but it’s working great without it.

3 – unfortunatly this information is not in the manual, and not sure steinberg would reply to such a request, but i’ll try to ask them. but i don’t know how i could monitor the informations between cubase and the CMC series controller. i have some midi monitor, i’ll try if it can monitor sysex message too. We’ll see !
i’m not even sure it’s done on a midi message level, maybe it’s more a direct message using an another way of communication. i don’t know.

4 – from what you say and people on the steinberg forum said by using bome too, the best way is to completly recreate in bome how the controler are working natively in cubase, and not using the steinberg way anymore. ahah… it’s possible with some but not with everything. like the point and click / lock feature of the CMC-Ai Jog. but for most of the other buttons, it’s certainly possible to re create them (almost) completly. and using bome make them to have kind of unlimited number of possibilities. the only problem is the human, me , not easy to remember all the shorcuts 🙂 the other problem, it need to have a usb switch on each controller. because if we run the controller because cubase is launched, all the controller are seen by cubase in their native mode.


1 – i was talking about the possibility than when we switch a software to an another one, the switch would happen automatically in Bome. for example, i’m running cubase. and the cubase preset inside my “computer 2018 project” would be selected automatically. then , let’s tell i close cubase, and run … Vegas Pro, and so, bome would automatically switch to a preset called Vegas pro with all my programming in it. for this to work, of course it’s mean that bome would be able to detect with software is in focus (in case some software are running at the same time). I didn’t see this possibility in Bome, so i hope such a feature will be implanted one day ?

Thank you again for your reply, if i have other questions, i’ll write them on a one question / one topic basic.

it helped a lot and it’s a nice introduction to this amazing software ! Thank you !

1- I guess you could have some sort of “process monitor” running in Windows Power Shell or Autohotkey and then when it sees one application start up, send a message to kill the other and launch a different Bome MIDI translator project file. Better still just set up an application switching program and use that to automate configuration from on applicatino to the other. Well beyond the scope of what MT Pro is designed to do by itself.

I also discovered that Ableton Live “automatically assigns” found MIDI hardware even if I don’t want to use it natively. I have to go in and thell Ableton Live to not use it, each time I launch it. The Ableton Live software is too smart for its own good. I wouldn’t be surprised if other DAWs did this as well. For instance I set up a “Mackie” mode for my Launchpad MINI through Bome Virtual Ports, and when I launch Ableton Live I have to deconfigre the Launchpad MINI so the Mackie mode can work.

If you can find out what CMC supports, I would be interested. Not for myself but in case another user came here looking for a similar solution.

I’m glad I could be of help. Keep in touch if you need anything else.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


This thread seems to talk a lot about the CMC and even some documentation links. I haven’t reviewed it exhaustively but it might help. Apparently the model discuss here has knobs and buttons that can be programmed with an editor.

I own ALL the Steinberg CMC controlleur, FD, AI, TP, PD, CH and QC ! my point is to use them as well outside cubase, so i could use them to minimise as much as possible the hurts on my hands , to automate as much as possible a lot of things !
if you need me to try anything or need an information that i could provide, i’m there 🙂 ! Thanks for the tip ! i have the chance to have some programmers as friend, hope they’ll be able to help me to achieve this : “I guess you could have some sort of “process monitor” running in Windows Power Shell or Autohotkey”

to answer your other question, this is the nice part with the CMC from steinberg. if you turn them ON, AFTER running cubase (so that’s mean that a usb switch is needed) the controlers are not seen as native at all and just send CC, keynote and Pitch bend (Faders on the CMC FD use Pitchbend as controller).

Hey steve, my friend succeded to write the hotkeys script which switch automatically Preset in a projet in regards of the software used, by following your advice by using autohotkey.

Hi, thanks for this but the script got hosed when posting so best if you just provide a link to GitHub. Other users should then be able to take advantage of it if needed. Yes, many times solutions require combinations of different software to get to a complete solution. Glad I was able to set you on the right path.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

I will, thanks again !