Something has deleted a Bome port - how to fix?

I have a licence for BMT Pro.

I just installed Nextmidi’s Divisimate, which sets up 32 port on the Bomebus. 31 of them have a message about incomplete installation, although they seem to be working.
port 14

However, the first port have been deleted in some way - no idea how.
port 1

I’d be grateful if anyone has any pointers to investigate / fix this - TIA


The port you are pointing to appears to be a BMIDI port and not a Bome MIDI Translator Port. BMIDI is an API (Application Programming Interface) that is licensed to various vendors to include MIDI ports into their own applications. In this case it appears that it is licensed to Divisimate, so you should contact them for support of this driver. Bome MIDI Translator ports will look like the below in device manager. If they are not working correctly, the best thing to do here is re-install Bome MIDI Translator Pro or you other application again.


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Bome Customer Care

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Yes, they are Divisimate ports. I did what I should have done originally and re-installed, and MIDI is now coming through as expected on port 1.

Thanks for your information - appreciated.

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