Soundswitch and Ableton Multitracks workaround?

Hey guys,

So I’m using Ableton live to run Multitracks for my band,
I’ve come up with a cool efficient way to use Midi Translator Pro to open a Ableton project via midi via “execute file” and duplicating the midi command and using it to keystroke the space bar with a 1 sec delay for starting the track with hands free operation

This works flawless for the past month or more

For lighting I’m currently using light rider and tap tempo and some presets, nothing flash but works
I have lightkey but haven’t had time to midi my live triggers as I have hundreds of songs we play.

I like the idea of soundswitch but the auto script function embeds into a file read by the DJ software such as SERATO or VDJ

So I’m thinking could I use MTP to duplicate another execute file to load VDJ with a bounce of the Multitrack file and keystroke the play to be in synced with Ableton to have an Auto scripted light scene play but mute the output as this is coming from the Ableton Multitracks

Possibly use a secondary MacBook using Ableton Link and Bome Network to not have issues with apps being focused

Hi, this might be possible. I would worry more about both applications having access to the same audio system as most audio drivers can not be shared between applications. But if each audio system is on a separate computer, you should be OK but would need to either merge the audio output of your two computers or just use different speakers.

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The VDJ doesn’t need to produce any sound
It’s simply an audio file playing the bounced audio with no output to play the embedded lightshow

My Ableton Multitracks is routed to multi outs to my Midas via send & returns

The bounce for VDJ will just include the click track silence for intros to be in sync

I’ll get started on it tomorrow, and report back my results