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Hi there,


Thanks for the quick reply!


I have one more additional question. I am using a Arturia Beatstep in combination with Capture One Pro and Photoshop. So not for much, I use it to convert the rotary knobs and buttons to keyboard shortcuts. Works great!


However now I want to assign a button from my Beatstep to hold down space bar or alt as long as I press down the button. How do I set this up? It seems like the way I have it setup now, it just presses the spacebar or alt for an instant. I want it to hold down (virtual) space bar as long as I am holding down the button.




Hi, Milan,

The trick here is to use Key Down and Key Up output messages instead of just physical key. See the attached screen shots. The only thing I would caution is that if your computer is set up for automatic key repeat, it will repeat just as if you were actually holding the spacebar down. I don’t think Alt repeats however.

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