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Hello all,
I´m a musician and producer from germany and try to figure out if Bome Midi Translator will be the solution to a problem I´m facing. I´m sure it can do so, but I didn´t manage to achieve it yet.

Goal: I want to “split” and rescale an incoming CC# to two different CC#s.
For example:
In: CC# 1 value 1-64 → Out: CC# 1 value 1-127
In: CC# 1 value 65-127 → Out: CC# 2 value 1-127

I found how to rescale in the tutorials (Formula: O=I*B/A+C) but I can´t manage to combine that with “splitting” the CC.
Would be very nice if someone could help me here or point me to the right place.

Many thanks in advance

Hi Simon, welcome to the Bome Forum

This is actually quite simple. I’ve attached and example here. It is all done in one translator with math. Of course you will lose precision since you are scaling a range of 64 to a range of 128.

split-cc.bmtp (1.2 KB)

Here are the commented rules

// output on CC1
if qq<65 then pp=1
// output on CC2
if qq>64 then pp=2
// Calculate CC1 value
if qq<65 then tt=qq2
// Calculate CC2 value
if qq>64 then tt=qq-64
if qq>64 then tt=tt

//Tweak the output for rounding errors
if tt>=126 then tt=127

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Great! Many thanks :grinning: