Stanton DaScratch SCS.3d

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New to the Translator and the forum. I have recently purchased a very cool (now discontinued) touch contorller called a Stanton DaScratch SCS 3D. (Stanton DaScratch SCS.3d review | MusicRadar)

Looking on the old forums, it sounds like the (now unavailable) program, DaRouter, that was used to access the full functionality was written in MIDI Translator.

It seems that maybe it was proprietery and never made public… but if anyone had any clues on how to get it setup in Bome so I could change the modes that would be amazing!

Hi and welcome to the Bome Community.

The manual (page 82) is not very clear on what MIDI it sends for each control

MIDI Specifications:
 Standard note messages for each control
 Relative control change movement message for each slider
 Absolute position control change messages for each slider
 Multiple feedback modes for LED chains (single LED, sweep, boost/cut, spread)
 Multicolor (blue, red, purple) control

You will likely need to connect it up to Bome MIDI Translator and Monitor the MIDI In signals while pushing buttons and sliders etc. After that, you would need to discover the MIDI that your application needs. Then you could put together translators for the functions you want.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Thanks for this Steve. I can see which messages it sends out when in it’s in it’s standard “plug and play” mode… however the DaRouter software allowed you to change modes so the controller actually behaved differently in terms of which areas of the touch surface did what… I guess it must have sent serial messages to the unit?



I believe they (DA Router people) probably licensed MT Player from Bome and they really own the code from there.


Hi, yes, the DaRouter software was created by us at Bome. Internally, it ran an MT Player with an MT Pro translation project. The nice SCS.3 product line was discontinued, indeed, and Stanton was purchased by Gibson…

Digging out old material…

The DaRouter Windows installer might still work on recent Windows, the MacOS installer certainly not. Here you can download the Windows DaRouter:
(I cannot find the MacOS installer at this time)

I have found a few MT Pro project files:
GEN Dual SCS.3d V1.00.bmtp (230.8 KB)
GEN Single SCS.3d Dual Virtual V1.00.bmtp (242.1 KB)
GEN Single SCS.3d V1.00.bmtp (129.3 KB)

In general, they should work in the current version of MT Pro (also the trial version). But note that these project files are 14 years old, so YMMV…

The DaRouter also shipped with dedicated mappings for SSL, Traktor, and Virtual DJ. But they were encrypted and I’m not sure about the legal status. You cannot load them into MT Pro.

Last, but not least, here is an old guide for creating presets in MT Pro from scratch:
and the accompanying project file:

Note that we cannot provide additional customer service for SCS.3d. If you have a license of MT Pro, we’re happy to explain how to use the software, but these old project files and the SCS.3d are out of scope of our free customer support.

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Thanks so much Florian… very generous of you!!!