Startup presets

I have a preset for my controller keyboard, which has some buttons that send CC values-
I have presets for 4 different devices that I can toggle on/off using those CC buttons. This is done by using translators that active and deactivate the presets. Works great- I can toggle presets and even have more than 1 enabled, so keys go to all the presets enabled. So far so good–

The issue comes up when I startup - Even though the presets are not selected in my file (no checkbox), they all behave as if enabled. In other words, keys go through to all of them. I can toggle on/off each one using my CC buttons and they will turn off and start behaving as I expect. Is there a way to have those routings disabled on startup?

I think I would need to look at your project file to see what is happening.

Usually after saving and closing your project, your presets will be at the last state you left them.

I usually have a timer with an incoming trigger of “On Project Open” and then an outgoing action of 1 shot timer “Init”. I put this in a preset of it’s own also called “Init”

I then create additional translators (under preset “Init” with the incoming action of timer “Init”. Each translator has a separate action and in this case you would want to Enable a Preset for all that you want on at startup. Other translator to “disable” presets for those that you want off. This way your presets will always be a known state at startup.

Oh and as a side note, I usually have a translator called “Initialize Global Variables” with no outgoing action. I then can document and set up all my global variables at startup using the same incoming trigger (Init Timer).

I usually also usually add a translator with an incoming computer keystroke that I can use to initialize the project (outgoing action of timer “Init”). That way with either project open or keystroke, I can set the project to a known state.

In regards to your issue however, you might be using MIDI thru paths which are allowing some MIDI to get through even with certain presets disabled. Again, i would have to look at your project file.

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Thanks Steve, great answer! I will give it a try to go though and disable presets with an init preset- In the meantime, I am attaching my project file.

switcher.bmtp (3.0 KB)

OK, in each preset, please define the input and output devices at the preset level to override the project defaults. Right now all presets are looking at the project default ports which is why you are still getting things coming through.

Please review this tutorial to get a better understanding on how this works.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks Steve- I had what I’ll call the “proxy” translation for 1,2 &3-byte midi messages on the input controller, but after moving them to each individual preset (for a specific port), it solved the issue of playing on all the ports.