Strange behavior when typing in Raw MIDI / System Exclusive


I am finding it difficult to type in Raw MIDI / System Exclusive . I am trying to type “MIDI 90 00 7F” and it comes out all weird in the 3 different fields. And the Translator is different again. See pictures.

Inconsistentcy BMTP

Inconsistentcy BMTP 2


As you can see in the upper part, BT tries to interpret the word ‘MIDI’ as variable. Don’t write that word. Only numbers or variable names.

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Hi @Jesse.B

If raw outgoing MIDI messages you can only enter raw hex numbers which includes the numbers 0-9 and letters A-F. Also add a single space between number pairs. You should not enter the word ‘MIDI’ here. If you want, however, you can enter it as a comment preceded by to slashes ‘/’. Then everything on that line will be treated as a comment and not processed.

90 00 7F

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