Strangely interpretated raw midi string in BMTP

Did I made a mistake in my string ? Here is what I get in BMTP

Why this Effect2 LSB (#45) where I was expecting simply #45 ?

Is it a bug or my mistake ?


45 is the decimal representation of 2D Hex so no bug. Raw MIDI messages are always shown in Hexadecimal.

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Steve I got it ( 40 year of programming :wink: ) but here my question is why the translated string is different for this 45 value ?

B4 0C qq is interpreted as ‘CC chan 5: #12, qq’
B4 2D qq is interpreted as ‘CC chan 5: Effect 2 LSB(#45), qq’

I wasx expecting ‘CC chan 5: #45, qq’ ??

Hmm , do you mean the string “Effect 2” LSB" ? That is the MIDI defined name for control 45 so it looks correct, however if the convention follows, BF 0C qq should have included “Effect 1 MSB”.

The values are correct so maybe there is a bit of inconsistency in the human readable interpretation.

With that said, your translator would send the same value of qq for all of the CCs you have listed.

Here is the site that lists all of the MIDI CC definitions. CC definitions

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Thanks for confirmation.
Unfortunately doday, many companies pushing devices in the GroveBox category, provide a channel for each of the tracks on their ‘instrument’ but no global channel where common request as global level value could be solved so, with an expression pedal point of view, we have to duplicate CC 7 to each of these channels or CC values… staying cheap has surely some backdraw in our world, waiting for the next one.

As Steve said, not all controllers have a defined meaning. For them, only the #num is displayed. For defined controllers with a name, the format is name (#num). It might be more consistent to make it #num (name) Also, some defined controllers are missing in MT Pro, so we’ll add them.
Thanks for pointing that out!

Understood thank you @SteveC and @FlorianBome .