Streamlabs Desktop hotkeys ignoring translator?

I’'m using a little MIDI controller as a stream deck of sorts on my MacBook Pro. Buttons are translated to keyboard shortcuts (all of them are "control+shift+[something]), watching for Note Off. It works perfectly in OBS. It will not work at all in Streamlabs Desktop. I can use the MIDI controller and Bome MT to fill the hotkey fields in Streamlabs, so it definitely sees the incoming message. The physical hotkey shortcuts work fine in the application, just not when it’s sent from MT.

I’ve tried sending it as shortcut, physical keys, and text. I’ve tried “emulate keystrokes slowly” with a wide range of times. I’ve tried delaying the action. Nothing works. I’m at a loss with this one! Any ideas?

I’m not 100% sure whether you are saying that keyboard shortcuts are incoming to Bome MIDI Translator (MT Pro) our outgoing from MT Pro.

If incoming you must NOT have MT Pro focused when sending the shortcut as by default, MT Pro will ignore them so that shortcuts do not interfere with your trying to program MT Pro itself. This can be changed, however in the Setting menu by unchecking this box.


If you are having issues sending outgoing keystrokes instead, typically you will want a translator to ensure you are focused on the target application and not MT Pro itself. If your application will support an incoming shortcut when not focused (ie global shortcut), then the application may not need to be focused but MT Pro must NOT be focused unless you uncheck the setting as shown below.


You can write a translator with an outgoing action to focus the desired application and then prior to sending the keystroke by not having a delay on the focus translator and putting a slight delay (maybe 10-20ms) on the outgoing keystroke translator.


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